Do you want to know how you'll look in decades? FaceApp, the Fashion App shows it to you

 Jender Milano
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Some time ago thousands of users in social networks showed their image with the App that allowed you to know how you would look if you were of the opposite sex, today is another the App that is bursting in social networks and even celebrities took a much older photograph and uploaded it to their profiles.

FaceApp allows you not only to know how you will look over the years, the programming of this App also helps you look much younger and share the photo if you like, change your usual hairstyle and in that way, you can even look at 10 years with the hairstyle you always wanted to use.

Do you want to know how you'll look in decades? FaceApp, the Fashion App shows it to you
Federer in a few decades with FaceApp, still looks like a champion.

Famous and old virals in the networks

There were several celebrities who decided to try the App and share how their image will be in several years through their various social networks, as expected, the first photos of some of them were enough for thousands of users immediately and then many more, will begin to share their own photos aged in their profiles.

Images of Jennifer Aniston, China Suárez, Jorge Rial or Lali Esposito, were circulating in networks with many years added to their image, this caused comments like those made by users before the photo of the super star of Friends, who say that the only way to see her aging is now using this App (with her age, she remains as beautiful as in the series).

Among the 10 most downloaded Apps

In the last week, this App that has some time available for Android and iOS happened to be among the 10 most downloaded, surpassing 50 million downloads. However, it is a clear fact that there were some Apps that made certain aging effect in some photos. What differentiates FaceApp from its older competitors?

First quality, both in terms of the final photo and in the details: crow's feet, change of tone in the neck, size of the ears, is the first App that takes care of those details. In addition to this is the fact of being free, although it has a pro version with more features and above all, the fact that this App works with any photo you already have on your device, you do not have to take one exclusively and at the moment for editing, something that other App forces doing.

Do you want to know how you'll look in decades? FaceApp, the Fashion App shows it to you
Going to the future and returning, at least in the image itself, seems to be the hook of FaceApp

In addition to changing the hairstyle and aging with so many details, the App allows you to add glasses, beard and even use a photo with another person to look as one would look aged next to the other young.

Warnings about the App

The only thing that seems impossible for a famous App is not to be designated as risky for any group of users, FaceApp is no exception. In this case, the most general criticisms speak of the risks of young girls posing as older women or sexual predators posing as minor boys to make appointments that would bring some risk.

On another level there is criticism of a previous version, corrected by the creator of the App, Yaroslav Goncharov, who was told that the application had a clearly racist touch when it fulfilled an effect of skin whitening under the command or the idea of ​​making the person more attractive. Such a function was corrected.

At an even more delicate level are the accusations of collecting data from users through this App, managing the current and future faces of people in a database could be information that has some interest in someone or some organization or governments, in the future and you never know with certainty whether you can trust the use of such data by some App.