Driving blind

José Miguel Fernández Nápoles
2 min read
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It doesn't look shit.

Sometimes we travel through the days, like on a foggy road, with our hands gripping the wheel of a chimera, a fleeting and unattainable dream.

With that unbearable sensation that causes an emptiness in the pit of the stomach, which seems to presage an imminent danger, a mythological animal the size of a mountain that will crush us irretrievably.

Driving blind – News – WebMediums
He's going to eat me yes or yes.

Sometimes the shadows of the night seem to sprout from within and envelop our lives, striving to activate the amygdala, just as it happened to our ancestors, in the presence of a dino and that all the blood flowed to our muscles to prepare for flight or death. Cruel battle, where a sharp fang will sever a carotid in a second.

We go through life like this like a carvatillo through the forest, like the chick of a dove when it feels the eagle fluttering.

And it is that, at the moment when the night is darkest, it dawns.

It is at that moment that we can win heaven, it is time to unload the heavy burdens, face the miserable challenges, when we finally realize that it is faith that saves us.

Faith is not a foolish and meaningless belief that springs from the mind, it is not a cowardly resignation that bends before the curse, it is the perception of a healthy heart that has reached its peak and KNOWS that there is superior intelligence in everything that happens, he knows that there are no mistakes, no subterfuges, that there are no coincidences or punishments.
Driving blind – News – WebMediums
If this is all coincidence, I am an ant.

True faith manifests itself accompanied by a retinue: inner peace, joy of living, boundless goodness and immense gratitude!

Sometimes on the uncertain path of life, faith puts in my chest the mysterious drumming of my heartbeat. Then I am curious, amazed and humbled by the magnificence and infinite mercy of divine intelligence.

Thank you Universe !!