Eviction due to gas leak in Mexico

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Eviction due to gas leak in Mexico – News – WebMediums

Massive gas leak occurs in the Guadalajara cactus pipeline, exactly in the Paseos' del Valle neighborhood, in the municipality of Nextlalpan, in the state of Mexico.

By way of prevention, almost 2,000 people were evicted near this area where the leak occurred and shelters were indicated in the Santa Inés gym to protect them while the gas cloud that was generated by the leak was regulated.

The valves have already been closed by the security team of the place, and they seek to mitigate the gas cloud with water that reaches almost a kilometer in diameter, they are in communication with the railway company and the suspension of work near the place until they achieve fully control the leak.

In constant work, several public entities such as public security of the state, Civil Protection of the municipality, Civil Protection of the State of Mexico, Physical Security of Pemex, among others.

Eviction due to gas leak in Mexico – News – WebMediums
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