More than 1 million people plan to take Area 51 by storm in September looking for aliens

 Jender Milano
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An invitation that seemed like one more joke on Facebook announced and invited users to participate in the " Taking by Assault of Area 51 ", with the intention of obtaining evidence of extraterrestrial life that they assure is sheltered in said facilities, in a few days the initiative it is no longer a joke and it worries the US.

More than 1 million people plan to take Area 51 by storm in September looking for aliens

Thousands of users were interested and registered in the event at the end of the first day, in a few days there were more than 300,000. As of today, there are about 1,500,000 people registered to participate in the assault on the top secret base of the United States in the Nevada desert, apart from the direct participants, more than a million express interest and organize in different ways.

More than 1 million people plan to take Area 51 by storm in September looking for aliens
The event has added more than a million people in less than a week

Let's storm Area 51, they can't stop us all

With this suggestive title, the event has attracted followers and interested in the UFO phenomenon both inside and outside the US who have committed to attending some, others to follow up and another group to document what happened and make any incident public online. with the date of September 20 in the morning as the day of the assault.

For decades fans of the search and research on extraterrestrial life visiting the earth, magazines, documentaries, programs, show interest in the alleged presence of ships and even aliens captured in the facilities of area 51 that, for this or another reason, account with a special surveillance that keeps people miles from the base with various security circles.

What worries the authorities is that the initiative has gone viral, so that people interested in the UFO phenomenon and who think that there really are aliens in area 51, which in a week are more than 1 million, by 20 September could be in the tens of millions and it really could be impossible to stop unless a real massacre is committed, the matter gradually taking on the tinge of a serious threat.

Series and movies have contributed to the climate of curiosity around the base

The Secret X-Files, the most famous series on the investigation of extraterrestrial life in history, is one of the broadcasts that have contributed the most to this fame of Area 51, among other things because its writers mix real events and characters from history, with the area and the extraterrestrial phenomenon, also contributing to increase the cult of the belief in extraterrestrial life.

As for the cinema, there are countless films that locate the area as an ultra-secret facility that keeps secrets about human-extraterrestrial contact, including images with scientists interrogating beings from other planets, experimenting, discovering how to handle their ships, among many highlights "Independence Day", but in fact decades ago the cinema has also contributed to the legend of Area 51.

Can millions of people storm Area 51 easily?

Nobody knows how much possibility of success the well-known initiative has to develop, on the one hand there are the US laws that, having special permits due to the dangers of terrorist attacks, could even immediately shoot those who invade the first security circle, which it would result in many deaths in minutes, but on the other hand there is the logic that no force in the world, even that of the United States, could or should kill millions of people in that way.

More than 1 million people plan to take Area 51 by storm in September looking for aliens

Joke or reality, the initiative in some sentences confuses by the lightness with which such a delicate mission is taken. We can read that they speak of running like "Naruto" to dodge the bullets and get to see aliens that would be at the base. The point is that Naruto is an anime character, a ninja with powers of all kinds!

For the United States Air Force the "taking of Area 51 by assault" is not a joke "

This has been stated in a statement addressing those registered in the assault on the area, considered a strategic military installation. They clearly say that they are not recommending anyone try to force their way into Area 51 or they will respond with all their resources to protect the US base and assets.

The silence around the existence of the base has been one of the elements that most fueled the legend of experiments with aliens in it, until a few years ago the US government denied that there was such a thing as area 51, just in 2013 the central intelligence agency (CIA) released several documents proving the existence of the military installations.

However, so far the only thing recognized is that the base is used for special training and practice by US forces, as well as a test site for combat aircraft and bombers. Obviously, this has never convinced lovers of the UFO phenomenon who reason that the government will never agree to experiment or contact aliens out of interest in keeping it hidden.

The Assault on Area 51 presents benefits for a certain industry linked to the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

As it happened in the most intense times of alleged sightings of the Loch Ness monster, when the town was filled with shops, souvenirs, photos, about the monster that left juicy profits to the locals who always had more to tell about the phenomenon, of the Similarly, in the vicinity of area 51, many shops, hotels, bars, use the UFO phenomenon and stories allegedly witnessed by their owners or someone who "frequents the premises."

They are tactics that seek to always keep visitors attentive and above all by consuming products or services related to the phenomena. With this event called "Let's storm Area 51, they can't stop us all", this industry is expected to benefit greatly. The truth is that for now more and more people are joining the event and if it is a joke, the time to clarify it is shortening.