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Extradition of Hugo "el pollo" Carvajal to the United States postponed

Luis Francisco Gamez
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Hugo Carvajal at the Spanish National Court

The Spanish government, through the National Court, based in Madrid, had decided to make effective the delivery of the Venezuelan military man Hugo Armando Carvajal to the United States justice, since once again he has been denied the asylum application that he had requested in past dates in Spain.

There was only the "coordination" between the Spanish justice and the United States for the delivery of the requested, a spokesman for the National Court explained that the delivery could have been given in the next few days.

Although it should be mentioned that Carvajal, requested by the United States justice for corruption and drug trafficking cases, could still use his last letter, which is to appeal to the Administrative Litigation Chamber of the National Court for the denial of his asylum, to request action precautionary measures that, if granted, would paralyze delivery to the US justice system.

But at the end of the day the National Court deliberated the case again and has decided not to extradite Hugo Carvajal, until it clarified some complaints that he has made against the party we can in which he links the political party with the Regime of Nicolás Maduro, stating that these They opened received financing from the Venezuelan government.

Who is Hugo aka "Pollo" Carvajal?

Hugo Carvajal on his arrival from Aruba with President Nicolás Maduro.

To put ourselves in context of the situation, it is necessary to know who he is and what the trajectory of this former Venezuelan military man has been, who is requested by the US justice system.

Hugo 'Pollo' Carvajal, was a key figure of Chavismo, his relationship with the late President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías dates back to 1992, when both participated in the attempted coup against the then President Carlos Andrés Pérez, in which both ended up in prison.

In 2004 and until 2011 when Hugo Chávez was president of Venezuela, he assigned the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence to Hugo Carvajal, additionally, in 2004 he joined the DISIP, the political police at that time, and later he was vice minister of the Integrated Criminal System, a position that depended directly on the Ministry of the Interior and Justice.

Once he finished his work in the Intelligence Directorate, the retired military man was elected deputy in the National Assembly by the bench of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which at the time was the ruling party of the Chávez government.

In 2014, his obligations became diplomatic, since at that time President Nicolás Maduro assigned him the task of Consul of Aruba, where he was arrested for alleged complicity in drug trafficking issues, finally after strong pressure from the Venezuelan government. The Aruba authorities recognized his diplomatic passport, and he was able to return to Venezuela, where he was received as a national hero by his comrades and personally received by Nicolás Maduro himself.

The chicken Carvajal breaks public relations with Nicolás Maduro, in 2019, after making public statements where he recognized Juan Guaidó, opposition leader, as interim president of Venezuela.

It should be mentioned that the United States has offered a reward of 10,000,000 dollars, to all those people who gave information to find the whereabouts of Hugo Carvajal, a very striking amount for anyone, with which it was expected to find the capture of the fugitive.

What is 'Pollo' Carvajal accused of?

Reward poster for the capture of Hugo Carvajal broadcast by the United States.

The US authorities have been preparing an investigation for more than a decade and have made accusations against Hugo Carvajal.

In 2018 the United States Department of the Treasury published a list of those punished, all members of the Venezuelan regime or close to it, in which Carvajal was accused, accusing him of protecting drug trafficking shipments from the demobilized FARC guerrilla and also that he provided weapons to the guerrilla group.

In addition to this, the US agency accused Carvajal of providing Venezuelan identity documents to the Colombian guerrillas, so that they could mobilize throughout Venezuela without suffering what kind of obstacle due to their nationalities.

Again in 2020 he is indicted by the New York Southern District prosecutor's office, which this time accused him of committing narco-terrorism, conspiracy to import cocaine and other charges related to weapons, in 2019 he was indicted for the same charges in the same district and in 2011 for conspiring to import cocaine, a charge that was charged in 2014 by the Southern District of Florida.

Carvajal in Spain

Hugo 'the chicken' Carvajal.

Once Hugo Carvajal leaves Venezuela, he seeks refuge in Spain, claiming that he trusted that the Spanish institutions would reveal the lies and inconsistencies with which, according to him, the US Attorney's Office persecuted him.

However, after his plans did not go to his liking, he assured that the Spanish authorities, far from protecting him, had committed serious irregularities against him.

In 2019 Carvajal was arrested for the first time at the request of the United States, but he was released, after a court decision decided to deny the extradition of the former Venezuelan military, after this a decision of the full Spanish Court that same year reversed that ruling and the police again looked for Carvajal to arrest him.

Carvajal A fugitive at that time with unknown whereabouts, he was wanted by the police who, in a joint deployment with the DEA, found Carvajal again.

How is the capture of Carvajal?

Moment in which the Carvajal chicken is captured.

The agents have reported that it was hard to capture the former military man, since he lived totally cloistered, without going outside or looking out the window, always protected by people he fully trusted.

The bodies in charge of the search for Carvajal handled the hypothesis or were on the trail that the "El Pollo Carvajal" was hiding on the third floor of an apartment block in the city of Madrid, specifically on Torrelaguna street.

It is argued that Carvajal disguised himself with different types of outfits and wigs with which he managed to go unnoticed in the streets, thus avoiding being recognized by someone, the possibility that he could have made an aesthetic touch-up on his face with it is not ruled out objective.

Finally, "Pollo Carvajal" himself accepted to the authorities that his mistake was to stay eight months in the same apartment, he assured the agents that he changed his hiding place every three months and that he never left Spain.

Thus, last month of this year, the "Pollo Carvajal" was captured again after almost two years of searching, for all these reasons the Spanish National Court handles the probability of Carvajal's extradition to the United States.

With the arrival of Alex Saab and Claudia Díaz, the US justice would only need the arrival of Hugo Carvajal to have all the pieces of the puzzle to understand all that corruption plot in which Chavismo and the current Regime of Nicolás Maduro are involved.


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