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Extreme heat levels in the United States through the end of July

Lenin Boscaney
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Extreme heat levels in the United States through the end of July
In some places temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees.

Temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius are expected until the end of July in several states of the North American country. Moisture will also be present which aggravates the situation.

Early this Friday, much of the United States and New England was already warned of this heat wave.

"Record heat is expected in the northeastern US this weekend, while above-average temperatures persist in the south-central US," the Prediction Center said. Meteorological.

It was in Death Valley where the highest temperature has been recorded so far, fifty degrees Celsius, according to the Prediction Center. In addition to that, this same center has determined that the air can feel like a wind chill of 40 degrees Celsius. Due to the heat and humidity people should exercise extreme caution.

Heat deaths?

It should be noted that high temperatures have an impact on health and some cases have already been evidenced in this regard. In Dallas, the first death from the heat wave was recorded, a 66-year-old woman with health problems typical of her age.

Arizona is another state where its authorities report heat deaths. At least 29 people are added to this list, since their deaths are related to the increase in temperature and many more deaths are still being studied, determining if the causes coincide with the current climate change.

Due to these deaths, state leaders have placed many places in the United States on emergency, providing tools to the most vulnerable citizens in these temperatures and begging others to stay hydrated as much as possible and avoid outdoor exposure as much as possible.

Some of the aid that the authorities have provided correspond to refrigeration centers, home visits by special teams and the improvement of day care, especially for homeless people. These measures will be in force until Sunday in the state of Philadelphia, as it extended its emergency system.

In Washington, for example, the emergency will continue until Monday, as temperatures will reach, according to predictions, more than 35 ° C. However, the heat situation in North America has also affected Europe, causing several countries to declare themselves on high alert due to forest fires.

Temperature continues to rise

It is estimated that for the next few weeks temperatures will be higher than 80 degrees. This figure will be lived by more than 85% of the US population, this is equivalent to 257 million people more or less. Another large percentage could experience temperatures of 100 degrees.

“So far this week, 60 daily high temperature records have been broken as dangerous heat has engulfed much of the nation,” the Weather Prediction Center wrote, with more records expected in the week.

In the Midwest, Southeast and East Coast, the heat index, which refers to the mixture of heat and humidity, is expected to have a wind chill of 100° F. The Prediction Center also noted that it is The South is likely to see temperatures above 100 degrees.

"Overnight lows are likely to remain at 26C in many places, providing little overnight relief," it continued.

In Missouri, state leaders are taking action as farmers have been aggravated by the temperatures in terms of keeping their livestock healthy. Water from state parks is being used to supply farmers, and hay is expected to be grown on certain land to feed livestock.

According to David Anderson, a livestock economist at Texas A&M University, the situation in this state is so serious that many ranchers are selling their cattle at a rapid rate, one not seen in more than a decade.

“Many ranchers rely on ponds and reservoirs that capture rainfall. I have heard many stories about growers who have run out of water,” said Anderson.