Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi dies in court

Jesús Tremont
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Former President Mohamed Morsi has collapsed in full trial due to a heart attack, the Egyptian government reported. Morsi, 67, was in a trial for alleged involvement in espionage crimes when he suddenly collapsed and died a short time later in a hospital.

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Mohamed Morsi

Mohamed Morsi was the first democratically elected president in the history of Egypt, he was elected in 2012 and a year later in 2013 he was overthrown by a coup d'etat which was commanded by Abdelfatá al Sisi, current president of Egypt. After attending one of the many sessions of his trial (Mohamed Morsi was accused of various charges, including espionage and treason) "Morsi gave several statements for 20 minutes, he was exalted and ended up fainting", reports the Egyptian authorities.

Morsi had already died on arrival at the hospital, authorities report that he had no injuries or mistreatment.

Morsi's lawyer, Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsoud, said that Morsi was totally cut off from the world and his family and even that he could not even communicate with his lawyers.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (president of Turkey) would have said goodbye with praise and sadness, calling even the late Morsi brother.

Translation of the statement that President Erdogan sent on his personal twitter: "I just learned that my brother Mohamed Morsi, the first president of Egypt elected in a democratic election, has died. I hope that God has mercy on the martyr Mohamed Morsi, who fought one of the most difficult democratic battles in history."

How did it come and how was the power

In 2011, following the resignation of Hosni Mubarak (dictator for 30 years) due to strong protests during the Egyptian revolution, an interim military government was established while democratic elections were organized, which Mohamed Morsi would win by far. Morsi governed for little more than a year until the current president of Egypt Abdelfatá Al Sisi commanded a coup d'etat that would overthrow Morsi.

The July to Morsi is composed of several accusations and has been extended for years, among these accusations is the alleged crime of selling sensitive information to Qatar.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi

The Muslim Brotherhood is a religious political group that says that Islam is not a simple religion but a way of life. Mohamed Morsi was an active member of this brotherhood.

In 2013 after being overthrown by a military coup, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were declared a terrorist organization. More than 1,000 partisan and non-partisan people of the Muslim Brotherhood would have died in this coup d'état.

In addition to the 25 years in sentences for serious crimes and another 15 years for minor crimes that Morsi faced for all the charges he was accused of, he was sentenced to death, which was strongly criticized by the political world and thanks to this was withdrawn in 2016.