Former world boxing champion Pernell Whitaker dies hit by a car

 Jender Milano
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World champion in 4 categories, Whitaker died at the age of 55.

Boxing lovers today received the sad news of the death of one of the best boxers of recent years. Whitaker made history getting the titles in the categories of junior middleweight, welterweight, junior welterweight and establishing himself as one of the best all-time lightweight.

Former world boxing champion Pernell Whitaker dies hit by a car

In 1991, Pernel W. faced one of the most renowned rising stars of the moment, a Spanish nicknamed "Poli Díaz", who had an unbeatable record, did not know the defeat until that day when facing Sweet Pea, as they said in the boxing environment, poli Díaz's unbeaten finish ended with his chance to win the world lightweight title, the Scope Arena of Norfolk, Whitaker's hometown, he witnessed one of the best fights of this legend.

What did Pernell Whitaker die of?

When crossing the street in a corner, a car ran over him, for now and thanks to the testimony of witnesses and the same driver who drove the car, who in a responsible manner remained on the scene all the time and collaborated in everything with the police, you have an accident without any type of aggravation that leads to the driver's manifest guilt, things that happen, they would say there. A great legend sometimes says goodbye in the most unexpected way.

Both the driver, the passers-by and the police requested support from paramedics for immediate attention but in the same place and for the injuries, Pernell Whitaker said goodbye to this world.

Former world boxing champion Pernell Whitaker dies hit by a car

Memorable moments of Whitaker's career

It is difficult to select the best moments of such a complete boxer, but apart from the famous fight with Poli Diaz, he is one of the few fighters that has given a level fight to Julio César Chávez in the best times of Chávez, known for a resistance and hitting demolishing, maybe that's why the good fight between both, Whitaker always stood out for his technical ability and a defense of the best.

Prior to his jump to the professional stage in search of the world titles that he subsequently obtained, reached another of the greatest goals of every athlete in any country in the world, such as winning the gold medal in the 1984 Olympics.

From 1997 and with a certain age (for the world of boxing), some defeats came that indicated the time to retire, it can be said that three fights marked the end of his career: In 1997 a defeat in 12 rounds by decision before Oscar de la Hoya, in 1999 against Felix Trinidad, where he lost the Welterweight title of the IBF and in 2001, without any title, Carlos Bojorquez defeated him in the 4th round by technical KO, something difficult to imagine in the height of his career and that indicated that the time to hang the gloves had arrived.