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Frances Haugen: "Facebook does not care about its users, only their profit"

Alvaro Salazar
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Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old PC engineer from Iowa, was the person who released the inside Facebook reports that underpin the latest special reports distributed by The Wall Street Journal.

Frances Haugen: "Facebook does not care about its users, only their profit"

What did Frances Haugen reveal about this?

The organization knew that Instagram, its informal photography community, was poisonous to some young teenage girls.

The previous representative of the organization uncovered her reports early Monday in a television program and this Tuesday she will affirm about the organization in the United States Congress.

" There were consistent irreconcilable circumstances between what is useful for people in general and what is useful for Facebook," Haugen said in the CBS hour. " Facebook was continually deciding to improve its own personal responsibility, to get more cash flow, " assured the former employee.

The organization figured out how to pull out a large number of exam reports and internal conversation messages showing that Facebook is hiding a decent piece of the nuances of malice brought about by the organization. "I needed to bring enough material so that no one could argue that this is genuine, " he said on the show.

Why did I leave Haugen Facebook?

Haugen, who left Facebook in May, has registered through his lawyer a government whistleblower insurance through the United States Protection and Exchange Commission. Jeff Horwitz, the Journal columnist who created the special reports, called Haugen " Sean " to ensure her protection during the 10-month relationship with her before distributing the data.

" I've seen a few organizations on the inside and Facebook is significantly more pitiful, " said Haugen, who has worked at Google and Pinterest before joining Facebook in 2019.

Haugen was inside the Civic Integrity office, accused of making the organization " a power for greats in the public realm."

Weeks after the November 2020 political race, won by Joe Biden, the stage chose to eliminate that group. " There have been no mafias, we can dissolve it, " described the former employee.

That was the second in which he was convinced that the organization would never be able to work on his foundation alone and he chose to go to the press and government specialists.

" Facebook is loaded with acceptable and honest individuals. In any case, inside they know things that no one outside knows. Imagine how they consume you," clarifies Frances Haugen. " Facebook is fighting with itself, they are hiding data. We cannot deal with problems alone, but together, " he concedes, referring to the rest of society.

Frances Haugen finds herself in a somewhat tricky position

Haugen is the face, so far undercover, behind the biggest virtual community emergence since the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Some say that this emergency is more profound in the light that they are internal records of the organization in which it is shown that the organization has chosen not to act, where it is seen that how Instagram is horrible for the adolescent community or that the Statistics reward contempt, since it is more seductive and achieves more communications from users, which is why they spend more time on the platform.

" I don't think they contribute enough to prevent Facebook from being dangerous," Frances said. " They have understood that if they change the calculation to make it more secure, individuals will spend less time on the platform, they will click on fewer promotions and they will get less cash flow."

The dark side of Facebook

" Facebook chooses profit over security. It reserves its benefits with our security, " he claimed.

During the lengthy meeting, Haugen reiterated that within the organization there are many people who admit and acknowledge these issues, but that their motivations are undermined: what brings in money is horrible for society.

Frances Haugen: "Facebook does not care about its users, only their profit"

" I have a lot of empathy for Mark Zuckerberg. He never set out on this path to end up making a base of contempt, however, he has allowed decisions to be made whose optional results are that the derogatory content reaches more users, " says the former employee.

One of the files extracted by Haugen broke down how European ideological groups had raised the tone of forcefulness in their announcements in order that the calculation took them into account.

According to Haugen, this is the message they received from Europe : " You are making us occupy places that do not interest us, that we know are horrible for society, but if we do not, we realize that we will not win in the market of the online media ".

Contempt and polarization would be the monetary standards of that market, where without them no one can be seen. Also, ideological groups need to limit themselves to be seen.

What is Frances Haugen's goal with all of this?

In a profile of Haugen in the Journal that appeared simultaneously to meet her on CBS, the designer determines what the central objective of her revelations is. " Assuming that people just despise Facebook more for what I have stated, I will have disappeared. I trust the truth and commitment, you have to admit reality. The initial step for this is documentation."

One of Frances's big concerns, like that of other former workers who have left the organization, is the ruin that Facebook unleashes in non-Western countries. " It is horrible what Facebook does in different nations, " he declared.

" Most of the dialects of the planet do not have a free and open web and Facebook has gone to pay and finance the web with information plans in certain nations with an exceptionally delicate design for them to use the platform. We had a joke within the organization Supposing you need to know which nations will be in emergency two or three years from now, look where we've spread, "she said.

Frances Haugen: "Facebook does not care about its users, only their profit"

During the year he was absent, a colleague helped him with his usual tasks.

Ultimately, that companion fell into online discussions that moved their situations toward a mixture of otherness and white supremacism, according to the Journal.

It's one thing to focus on misinformation and another thing to lose someone over it. Many people who work on these issues only see the bright side, ultimately, Haugen lamented during the meeting.

How does Facebook react to this?

Facebook has reacted to his claims with this assertion: " Our groups must constantly adjust the guarantee of the right of billions of people to expose themselves in a transparent way with the need to keep the scene as a protected and positive space. We continue to make critical improvements to checking the circulation of misinformation and hurtful content. Proposing that we go ahead with terrible content without doing anything is wrong. "

For Haugen the important thing is in the importance that we give to each one of those words. The facts confirm that Facebook does "something", however, it is most likely insufficient: " The organization is lying when it says that it has made decisive progress in terms of disinformation or contempt, " he said.

One of the files Haugen dumped shows how the hurtful substance Facebook deletes is ridiculous in comparison to the whole.