Guatemala elects new president

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Opinion. Guatemala elects new president. It is not a good decade for Guatemala. The country is disconcerted by its political leaders and its inhabitants are trying to leave the country at any cost, remembering the revolutions that occurred during this year with the departure of thousands of Guatemalans to the United States.

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The day has come to give the country another chance. Guatemalans will vote this June 16 to elect a president, a vice president, 160 deputies to the Congress, 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament and the entire block of the corporations of the 340 municipalities of the country. A day when Guatemala elects a new president and a new future.

But there is a bigger problem in Guatemala, corruption and lack of democracy. The attorney general who oversees electoral crimes had to leave the country with his family because of death threats against him. While the person in charge of electoral transparency asked for permission to not be in these days of elections, for a supposed illness.

The country has suffered transparency blows in the last year, as the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) he lost several important leaders who left the country and even his own Jimmy Morales he said he would not renew in this group. The worst thing, that Morales was pointed out of corruption for favoring only certain political groups and not having a subjective view.

Guatemalan Presidential Candidates

Sandra Torres: it is the main candidate to win the elections of Guatemala. In the past elections she lost to Jimmy Morales and is known to be from the Social Democratic Party of the National Unity of Hope (UNE).

Alejandro Giammattei: He is next on the list, he is an old acquaintance in the public administration, especially what is related to the Guatemalan prisons. He is interested in reducing the country's expenses and sending this money to improve health systems. In addition, it seeks to slow down constant migration.

Edmond Mulet: He is the third in the polls, although it is the first time he aspires to be president, he has already held diplomatic positions and he even spent 12 years as a deputy in the Guatemalan congress. It opposes egalitarian marriage and abortion in some scenarios.

Roberto Arzú: He is the son of former president Álvaro Arzú. Among his government plan is to improve the security of the country by increasing the strength of the national force with an alliance even with the USA or Israel.

Thelma Cabrera: It is at the end of the list, although its ethnicity represents 41% of all citizens of Guatemala. Seek equality, human rights and end oppression. However, it has not been very supported by being very traditionalist.

There are another 14 candidates of which we will not mention because they are below in the polls, but they will be key as soon as there is a second round of elections and they choose which of the two possible presidents they wish to support.

Guatemala elects new president, we will continue informing about this news.