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I just need to know what I am to be happy

José Miguel Fernández Nápoles
5 min read
I just need to know what I am to be happy – News – WebMediums
We look like lab rats

We look like a swarm of frightened mice in a huge laboratory that is Mother Earth.

Do you think that animals subjected to a small electric shock, when trying to reach their food, compared to those that can reach it without being subjected to it, age in the same way?

The answer is obvious: No!

The animal feels hungry and approaches the food that is offered, but when trying to reach it, it suffers a small electric shock that does not kill it, but causes an unpleasant sensation.

In this way he learns that if he wants to eat, he has to suffer and that causes him a stressful dilemma that scientists study, measure and then conclude in what seems obvious: stress kills!

If someone shoots another human being in the head, they will judge him and surely imprison him, for that heinous behavior.

And today, there are ghoulish brains, twisted intelligences, or who knows if high-purpose souls to help us find what we've lost.

I just need to know what I am to be happy – News – WebMediums

We all know that there is a potential energy in height: the higher a body is, the greater it is. Another called elastic potential, which grows the more a bicycle tube is stretched.

And the tendency is to bring us to a position of equilibrium, from which an "external force" has separated us.

It is possible that the pull is so strong that something breaks, and if it resists the energy that will take it to the equilibrium position it is so great that once it is reached, it may be passed.

This humanity is being "stretched like a bicycle camera" subjected to "a discharge of negative energy" when we try to love each other, to be in solidarity, to live according to the most elementary human principles.

I just need to know what I am to be happy – News – WebMediums

Out there are "external forces" that tell you:

  • Consume to find happiness.

  • The more material wealth you have, the happier you will be, and the rest does not count.

  • Do not share anything with anyone, whoever wants something, who wins it.

  • If you and your family are saved, there is nothing else to take care of.

  • Your power rests in what you have.

  • Compassion and hospitality are silly and very dangerous things.

  • Live and enjoy what you can and forget about the planet and other forms of life, and devastate wherever you go, that you will not have more opportunities.

  • The worst part of life is old age and if you arrive, that ordeal will touch you.

  • The family must be kept at bay, prudently away, otherwise it will bring problems.

  • Put aside the romanticism of doing well, if anything, do it for yourself.

  • You have nothing to create, we will do it for you. Let the artificial intelligence tell you what to do.

  • Kindness is synonymous with foolishness. Be smart and don't be nice, there's a hostile world out there that's trying to riddle you.

  • This world is dirty and ugly, life is not worth it, it is rubbish, and it is not worth trying.

  • Hide, create bars, strong passwords. Live in a bunker, do not teach anything to anyone who will use it against you.

  • Hoard, hoard, live thinking that there is a shortage of everything, and you have to be very alert because they can take the most insignificant from you.

  • Do not accept anything from anyone, these are commitments that enslave you, no one unwittingly gives anything in exchange for something.

This is the message we receive, in a very subtle way in the mass media, mostly on social networks. This is the teaching that they put in our veins like a dropper, every day.

I just need to know what I am to be happy – News – WebMediums
Shshshshshs !! Don't even think about protesting.

And the rubber band stretches, the ball drifts away from equilibrium, the pot temperature rises, and a change is imminent.

Now comes a momentous question.

Where is the potential energy that you are accumulating taking you?

To burst or reach a new position of equilibrium?

If you feel the need to search for your essence grows in you, that every day it is more imperative to listen, pay attention to a claim that springs from your heart, that you are gaining in confidence about how firm the ground you are walking is, then let yourself be guided by that force.

If fear is the one that reigns in your behavior, more and more evident, with a cold in the stomach that makes your digestions slow and the nights long and insomniac, if your eyes are not closed or sleeping because of the suspicion that a sniper He could shoot at any moment, because nothing happens: admit it, confront it resolutely and look at it between the eyebrows, you will see that it is fictional, unreal and very vulnerable.

There is a slogan out there that could help you recognize where the winds are blowing: "you will have nothing, and you will be happy" To this interesting assertion we could respond in a forceful way:

"I just need to know what I am to be happy"