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Insecurity takes over the streets of Barcelona

Cristian García
3 min read

The last barometer published last Friday shows that 27.4% of Barcelonans surveyed consider that insecurity is the greatest challenge presented by the community of Catalonia. In addition, all this is reflected after the recent assassination of a senior executive of the South Korean Government in these lands.

Insecurity takes over the streets of Barcelona – News – WebMediums
Photo: EFE.

This world barometer was prepared by the Barcelona City Council, who surveyed 799 Barcelonans between the dates of May 28 and June 7.

These data have been published by Jordi Martí, current fourth deputy mayor, who commented the following:

We are not in an insecure city, but we are in a city in which we have to work in different areas of security that generate concern.

Regarding the results and the concern of the citizens of Barcelona, he commented that measures have already begun to counteract insecurity in this region :

139 urban guards have joined and more than 160 mossos have to be added. I am convinced that this will help.

Homosexual aggression demonstrates insecurity in Barcelona

On June 27, a video was published showing a subject verbally assaulting a member of the LGBT+ community, who was in a McDonald's restaurant in Barcelona.

The entire encounter happened when the aggressor criticized and offended the clothing of the young homosexual who was celebrating Gay Pride Day.

After the young man attacked commented to the aggressor about said celebration, the attacker only replied that “ It is also the day to drop hosts. Do you want to see how I loosen them? I'm going to make you heterosexual to hell"

This is only one of the few events of aggression against the LGBT+ community that are witnessed in the city of Barcelona, which is why the viralization of this video has made the Catalan authorities begin to take action on the matter.

Another case of insecurity in Barcelona: senior executive of the Government of South Korea is assassinated

The greatest alarm was generated when news broke of the death of a 49-year-old South Korean woman who was serving as vice president of the Presidential Commission on Culture for Asia in South Korea .

This 49-year-old South Korean political leader was the victim of a robbery in the San Martín district on June 23, when a motorist tried to snatch her bag from her. All this caused the woman to fall to the ground hitting her head.

Once she was taken to the emergency room, her condition was found to be critical. Days later, she was declared deceased due to the serious blow she received after the event.