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Johnny Depp: Returning to Pirates of the Caribbean?

Dilis Salazar
2 min read
Johnny Depp: Returning to Pirates of the Caribbean? – News – WebMediums
Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

A whole controversy that has generated the case of Johnny Depp, who won the trial he faced against his ex-wife Amber Heard and this continues to give much to talk about. Now, a new chapter opens; and it is that the actor has decided to make peace with his past and open himself to the future.

Now, this future is related to the rumors that have been triggered on social networks, if the actor will return to Disney to be part of the new installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Johnny Deep starred in five installments of the popular “Pirate of the Caribbean” movie saga, and was excluded from the sixth installment due to the legal process for defamation, which he faced against Amber Heard.

The last thing that has been known through the representative of Johnny Depp, is that the contract of 301 million dollars that the Disney company would have offered the actor has been denied.

After knowing the succulent figures of the contract, Depp's representative mentioned that: “that is an invention”. Well, this information matches what the actor said during the trial against Amber, where he stated that he would not return to Disney "not even for 300 million dollars."

Even Depp was upset by the fact that his image is still used as Jack Sparrow after being fired and humiliated as a person.