Juan Guaidó is no longer an alternative for Venezuela, he is now Diosdado Cabello

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This was stated by Leocenis García in an interview who assured that Diosdado Cabello is the one who has the future of Venezuela in his power and that he should overestimate his power in the face of the future of that country.

Now, Juan Guaidó has lost the opportunity he had to recover the country. His actions and arrogance have taken him away from power, and he is also influenced by the classic political class of Venezuela, the same one that is struggling to regain what was once his.

Juan Guaidó is no longer an alternative for Venezuela, he is now Diosdado Cabello
Leocenis Garcia

In the interview he gave to El País, he collects important accusations about Guaidó who considers him a person accustomed to opposing and not governing. When García was asked about Guaido's leadership in the National Assembly, he replied “Ego and pride are always the failure of intelligence and I think we have been very close to power, but ignorance of that reality and of buying ourselves the story that Chavismo is a drug trafficker and a gang of crooks has taken us away from power. "

When asked if "ego and arrogance" was due to Guaidó's behavior, he assured: "I am not referring to Guaidó, I am referring to the pressure on him. I am very clear that Guaidó is a victim of the old political class. It is said that he was proclaimed interim president, others say self-proclaimed. "

Faced with the current problem regarding the early elections of the National Assembly, he replied:

I want to advance the elections if a political agreement is made that is endorsed by the armed forces. Let it clearly state that there will be two electoral processes: one in March of the National Assembly and the other presidential in December. I do not believe in a process of elections for the assembly alone (as stated by the number two of the Chavista regime, Diosdado Cabello). I think Cabello has to measure his strength well and not underestimate the international community.

García joins an ever-growing list of politicians and political experts who believe that Guaidó has already lost his chance to win back Venezuela and that there is only one democratic way to end the situation in the country.

The result of the current talks between the government and the opposition is still awaiting, which are increasingly far from being concrete and new attacks against the human rights of Venezuelans deepen the crisis in that country.

Source: Interview taken from El País.

Juan Guaidó is no longer an alternative for Venezuela, he is now Diosdado Cabello