July 26, 1945 United Nations Constituent Meeting

 Jender Milano
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At the end of the Second World War, the memories of the bloody fighting, the scandalous death toll that seemed to increase year after year as mass graves and the remains of people were discovered in remote prisons or concentration camps, all made the world share a collective desire: PEACE.

This is how the states that ended up in some way triumphing in that war to defeat Nazism, had the historical responsibility of creating some international mechanism, with strength, leadership and capacity for action that would deter new invasion attempts or plans for world domination by any dictator or warlike country in the future. With that in mind, the United Nations was created.

July 26, 1945 United Nations Constituent Meeting – News – WebMediums
The first and foremost mission of the UN is to preserve world peace

Constituent Meeting in New York

For being one of the dominant powers that ended the war, the United States hosted the United Nations Constituent Meeting on July 26, 1945 in New York City, where the headquarters of the organization operates to this day.

However, the official birth of the body is located in October 1945, when the 51 states that at the time assumed the commitment to form the society of nations, ratified their adherence to the principles that sought to strengthen and protect world peace, the Charter of the United Nations and many other treaties and conventions within the organization.

These were complex times, there were states that were not yet recognized as such, and it was necessary to be a sovereign state to join the United Nations, others seemed to doubt the UN, the truth is that gradually states were added and today, the Assembly General of the United Nations brings together 193 states of the world in the most important deliberative body in the history of mankind.

The Security Council

Since its foundation, the United Nations has had an internal body that is not as important as the General Assembly, but with great relevance because it has great responsibilities in key decisions for world order such as the Security Council. It is made up of five permanent members with veto power: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, and 10 members who rotate among other countries, being elected in the General Assembly for a period of two years.

The Security Council receives and submits cases where it is estimated that the United Nations intervention is required due to a threat against some people of the world, but it must be taken into account that not only must it have the approval of the majority of the 15 countries of the Council, it is essential that none of the five permanent members apply the power of veto, in that case, any decision is discarded. This faculty of the five countries is a way of maintaining the balance between the countries that for the moment (and today) are considered the most powerful in the world, called to maintain peace.

In many UN institutions we see that it is possible to address problems of a country and make reports, recommendations, as is the case of the Human Rights Council, but the Security Council is the only one that can make resolutions that are mandatory for the country in question.

The world celebrates the founding of the United Nations because it not only ensures world peace, the largest and most important forum in the world is a strong constant that takes care of unilateralism, avoiding the imposition of strong countries against weak ones and their social organizations work in a way continues in evaluations, accompaniment and social assistance to countries, particularly in the Third World, to overcome problems of a social nature that affect their citizens.

July 26, 1945 United Nations Constituent Meeting – News – WebMediums