Justin Trudeau apologizes for racist photography

Suria Ibañez
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We all have a past, and sometimes it is not the one we would love to have. That happened to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when a photograph of his past came to light, and he subsequently had to publicly apologize.

Justin Trudeau apologizes for racist photography – News – WebMediums
Justin Trudeau

The controversial photograph of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau most of the time has enjoyed a good reputation. However, that ended when a photograph came to light posing with 4 women in disguise. The photograph was taken when he was only 29 years old. The alarming thing about it on social networks was the disguise.

The costume consisted of an Arab costume, the Prime Minister explained that it was an Aladin costume on Arab nights. Justin Trudeau wore a turban and dark skin. Make up her face, hands and neck in chocolate color.

The Prime Minister of Canada explained that he felt ashamed of having done so. He also commented that at that time he did not see that it was something bad but that he should have seen it, he said that he feels ashamed of himself and that he would like not to have done it.

At that time Justin Trudeau was teaching at a private school. The photography has caused controversy and has divided opinions as some Internet users consider that Justin should leave his post, however other opinions believe that the situation is being exaggerated.

Several public officials have had to leave their posts for comments or things that have made them look like racists, now it remains to be seen what decision Justin Trudeau will make because although he deeply regrets what happened many times people do not forgive certain errors such as happened with the pilot of Interjet who posted some comments on his Facebook account that caused outrage. That comment cost him his job.

There is no doubt that we must bear in mind that everything we do will have consequences.

Justin Trudeau apologizes for racist photography – News – WebMediums
Justin Trudeau