KFC Vegan Chicken Sold Out!

Suria Ibañez
2 min read

KFC is always looking to innovate and concerned about its customers, it decided to try putting vegan chicken on sale in the city of Atlanta. KFC decided to partner with the company Beyond Meat to release Beyond Fried Chicken aimed at vegans.

The vegan fried chicken was available since yesterday August 27 in Georgia as a test, and it seems that it was a success because it was undoubtedly sold out, of course the company is revolutionizing and making its way with the new generations.

KFC will also release vegetarian nuggets and bonnets for sale in the same city. If all goes well, the chain plans to expand the sale of chicken in other territories.

Beyond Meat not only offers this alternative, it also has a wide catalog of meat substitutions such as hamburger meat or sausages, among some other products that have been a success.

Although fake meat is made from plants, opinions are still divided on the nutrients they offer or not to the body. Although of course the same happens with normal meats because in excess they produce diseases that shorten human life, precisely for that reason the reasons on which is better have not yet been defined but for now it is a fact that KFC will continue to be able to keep its sales.

Meanwhile, vegan chicken is sold out and yesterday Beyond Meat shared via Twitter the long line to buy the long-awaited product. It seems that the vegan culture is gaining strength as more and more restaurants are joining the sale of vegan food and of course consumers appreciate it and of course they are happy with such awareness.

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