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Mark Zuckerberg presents his vision of the future and Facebook is renamed Meta

German Centeno
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Mark Zuckerberg presents his vision of the future and Facebook is renamed Meta
The Metaverse by Mark Zuckerberg

The change of name and rumba of the social network began to appear just after going through a very delicate moment, all this due to the scandals of the Facebook papers. A massive investigation where a series of documents showing the company's internal policy were leaked.

This is how a questionable conduct of the company could be seen, which generated a lot of controversy. However, this scandal made one of the biggest rumors that had arisen in recent months about this social network come true.

It is about the supposed idea that Mark Zuckerberg had in wanting to create a metaverse and even change the name of the company to reaffirm this new intention and which has become official this Thursday.

Everything indicated that this great announcement would be the one that would begin its cycle of Facebook connect conferences, where every year it shares the latest in technology, gadgets and virtual reality.

However, just 24 hours after starting this event, the executive has announced in his official account of the social network that he was going to talk about this topic, and now it is finally known what it is about, the metaverse.

Facebook is renamed Meta and presents its Metaverse: Main news

We are going to make a brief summary of the news shown by the Facebook CEO during the beginning of activities in Connect, where each of the elements will be explained, focusing mainly on what is related to the Metaverse.

Horizon Home: Your Ready Player One

The entire Mark Zuckerberg team has introduced the main letter of his Metaverse idea with the Social Virtual Reality platform, known as Horizon Home. Here users will be able to use the Oculus Quest 2 headset to interact in connected virtual reality spaces.

In the same way, you can make Messenger calls and interactions with other users, which would basically be seen as follows:

Mark Zuckerberg presents his vision of the future and Facebook is renamed Meta
Virtual reality

In accordance with this, Facebook has communicated the following:

Basically, we have thought of the Metaverse as the successor to the mobile Internet, considering that this network has not completely replaced everything that came before. It does not mean that the Metaverse will completely replace what existed before, but it will be the next platform.

In this sense, it is not something that a company builds. It is a much broader platform that I think we are all going to contribute to building in a more open and interoperable way.

This is a progression of technology that we see as we get more natural ways of connecting and communicating with each other. Throughout the life of the Facebook social network, we began to write texts on websites, phones with cameras were obtained. The Internet became much more visual and mobile.

As the connections were improving, they could get a rich video that is more immersive and as the main way in which experiences are shared, explained Mark Zuckerberg's social network.

In this way, Zuckerberg explained to the public the evolution that led him to the conception of Horizon Home, which will be executed in parallel with Horizon Workroom and Horizon Worlds, platforms that are very similar to each other and that functions are divided according to the activities to do to keep everything separate.

What has become a fact is that Facebook Reality Lab, which covers Oculus, will become the central axis of all this? For this reason, investments in this project will continue, thus opening a new additional budget of more than 10 billion dollars.

It is estimated that around 10,000 people are joining the team of Facebook employees with the sole purpose of getting the Metaverse off the ground. From what you have seen, it will be a complex virtual entertainment center, with space for interactions, games, conversations and calls through Messenger.

Oculus Party

Oculus Party is another of the elements that was shown for this new function that has arrived. From there you can invite friends to a new version of the social network of your own platform, you can watch videos together, avatars to live together and have games, in other words, the social network goes to Virtual Reality.

In this way, Facebook, now known as Meta, is no longer just a social network and will now become a Metaverse.

Fitness XR

It is another of the functions created to perform physical training through the power of a Virtual Reality system. This is how next year the Zuckerberg company will be launching Active Pack for the Oculus Quest 2. Which is a pack of fitnes accessories with control grips for the most intense physical activities.

Likewise, it will also have a simple interface that will allow you to wipe the sweat.

Goal is here and it's here to stay

Mark Zuckerberg presents his vision of the future and Facebook is renamed Meta
Goodbye, Facebook, welcome Meta

All the other announcements of this conference have been focused on the development tool for the Augmented Reality system, as well as a few other functions to be able to strengthen the system in the future.

This new announcement from Zuckerberg has reminded a chapter of The Simpsons where they predicted the birth of the Metaverse, so again the cartoons predict the future:

Despite all this, this is not the biggest surprise of all. The news that has shaken everyone was when Mark Zuckerberg confirmed all the rumors and announced the new evolution of the Facebook Social Network, now with the official name Meta. To all this, the owner of Facebook commented the following:

"We are a company dedicated to building technology to connect. Together, we can finally put people at the center of our technology. And so together, we can unlock a vastly greater creative economy. Meta is the new name that reflects who we are and what we are. It is what we hope to build. "

With this, Zuckerberg has argued that on behalf of Facebook it will no longer be covering everything that the company is and where it looks to the future, hence the main reason why it has now switched to Meta.

The Facebook CEO has stated that at this time, the brand is closely linked to a specific product of all those that have been developed, but over time, they hope to be seen as a Metaverso company.

In this sense, the company has made it clear that it does not intend to take ownership of this concept, but if they are willing to originate it and be the first with this kind of virtual social coexistence platforms.