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Messi receives a red card in the Copa América and points out that everything was arranged

Cristian García
3 min read

Soccer player Lionel Messi received a red card today after an unfriendly match between him and Chilean Gary Medel in the match for the best third of the 2019 Copa América. In this way, all this reminds us of Messi's past words where he indicated that "Brazil had everything arranged".

Messi receives a red card in the Copa América and points out that everything was arranged

Argentina and Chile had a meeting today in the Copa América, where they were going to choose the third and fourth best of the tournament. Even so, all the attention was given in the 37th minute when a dispute arose between Mesi and Medel when a ball had gone over the baseline.

In the meeting between the two captains, Medel pushed Messi several times, which sparked anger between both members of the party. In this way, Mario Díaz de Vivar, referee of the match between Argentina and Chile, decided to calm the matter by showing, without hesitation, a red card for both players.

This decision generated criticism from millions of people, and, above all, from the Argentine player. In this way, once the match was over, Messi attacked the World Cup organizers stating that everything was arranged and that he would not participate in said corruption :

We do not have to be part of this corruption and this lack of respect that was shown to us throughout this Cup. Gary is like that, it was yellow for both of them and that's it. It was not red for either of them, it is seen that what I said during the week took its toll. I did not go to the award ceremony because I did not want to be part of this corruption. I always tell the truth, I am honest and that leaves me alone, if what I say has repercussions it is not part of me Everything is set up for Brazil to come out champion. Hopefully Peru will play a great game because they have a team, but with everything that has happened I see it as difficult.

All of this may lead us to conjecture that, possibly, that red card given by referee Díaz de Vivar, which almost everyone points out should not have been issued, was actually something arranged by CONMEBOL in the face of the evident decrease in ticket sales for their matches.

This is the second red card received by Messi throughout his professional career with both FC Barcelona and Argentina. The first was obtained on his debut in Argentina in 2005 when he was preparing for a match against Hungary.