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Mexico, Canada and the United States agree to new methane limitations

Mariana Romero
3 min read
Mexico, Canada and the United States agree to new methane limitations

The presidents of the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing to agree on new methane limitations, they met without precedent this Thursday, according to high authorities in Washington.

US authorities expect the three North American countries to cut methane canisters in their oil and gas zones by 60% and 75% by 2030, as the nations work to control those of ozone-depleting substances.

The deals are important to a job by President Joe Biden to restore the so-called "Three Friends", a running meeting abandoned by his archetype Donald Trump.

Washington needs to strengthen partnerships with nations to help reorient the economy toward lighter carbon printing, fight pandemics, ease relocation pressures and rival China.

"The main thing about this culmination is that we refresh the vision on the eventual destiny of North America", said Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

However, the pressure with Ottawa and Mexico City on the automobile business, the "Purchase of America" approaches and a Mexican energy law could influence the meetings facilitated by the White House, officially known as the Summit of Leaders of America of the North.

The presidents are expected to promise to cut off the import of products made with restricted labor, a strategy the organization is targeting against China. Western activists and lawmakers blame China for reverting to forced labor in its northwestern Xinjiang territory, an accusation Beijing denies.

Biden is eager to support a key issue of the deal

Supply chains affected by the pandemic adding to shortages and expansion of items. Biden's advisers need to steer the country away from China's reliance on raw materials and items, which they see as its main rival.

As a component of meetings with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the US president is expected to send a North American inventory network working meeting to address concerns.

Biden could also tackle Mexico's controversial task of changing the management of the energy market and focusing on a state-claimed energy organization rather than private speculation.

López Obrador said Wednesday that he would reveal the deal to Biden and Trudeau if it is presented, adding that previous legislatures controlled the market for private interests.

On migration, US authorities said they prefer not to focus on the problems of the US-Mexico line, but on the "underlying engines" that drive people from other Latin American and Caribbean countries.