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Mexico opens the first clinic for trans people

Mariana Romero
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Mexico opens the first clinic for trans people – News – WebMediums
Trans people clinic

The clinic, a mission endorsed by Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, has 32 workers, 11 of them women and 11 trans men, with whom it tries to produce certainty among clients.

Sandra, one of the first patients to go to the clinic, inhales a murmur of relief, as her partner is finally receiving care after being rejected from seven medical clinics; After being impacted by biopolymer infusions, she is being treated in the main public center for transsexuals in Mexico.

She showed up there after experimenting with biopolymer entanglements on her buttocks. In scandalous cases, this substance can cause deadly contaminations.

Be that as it may, all things being equal, "they would have preferred not to touch it, or check it, or fix it" in different emergency clinics, Sandra told AFP ironically.

Circumstances of confusion and rejection are common for trans people when they seek clinical consideration, something that the new center aims to annihilate by offering assistance that incorporates mental aid and chemical medications.

"Not all wellness centers are prepared or know the local trans sphere. Normally (patients) feel victims or fear being mistreated," says Erika González, head of the clinical region.

"The understanding of peers breaks the ideal models of the different spaces where they feel mistreated, avoided and oppressed," says Oyuki Martínez, a 43-year-old counselor for the welfare community and trans lobbyist.

The doctor Karim Gutiérrez knows this well, who has felt oppressed for being a transsexual.

"They sought (recruited) us to have the option of giving this coat, so as not to appear unique, so as not to have this perception of who you are, the point at which we are truly individuals", maintains Gutiérrez, 38, who changed his character two years before.

These legal changes have been conceived in the capital as of 2014.

Short future

Located in a two-storey premise in the city center, the center has two general professionals and four experts in the field.

Although it does not offer medical procedures, if it is vital it can give authorizations for patients to be treated in other public clinics.

In about a month and a half of activity, it has received around 200 people, most of whom are seeking mental consideration to start taking chemical medications and change their sex.

For the occasion, the aid focuses on the number of inhabitants of the capital, although the objective is to "recreate" it in different states, says Martínez.

Despite the difficulties in accessing welfare administrations and the dangers of self-sedation and the use of manufactured substances, the local trans area declares itself a survivor of sexual vices.

As the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) indicates, the future of a trans person in Mexico is only 35 years, compared to 77 years for the entire population. It is not about "medical conditions, but about vices," says González.

By number of victims, Mexico is the second-deadliest country for transgender people after Brazil, according to the NGO Letter S and Transgender Europe.

During the bulk of 2021, Letter S recorded the homicide of 33 trans people, in contrast to 43 cases in all of 2020.

Wrong society

Amelia Añorbe, 16, is one of the three young trans women who currently attend the center, which she attends with the authorization of her mother. For the occasion, young people are not admitted, although there are plans to quickly incorporate that assistance as a team with a pediatric focus.

"It is in the interest of these peoples that trans children are cared for in terms of legal recognition, but also according to the perspective of the right to basic well-being," said Martínez.

Eight of the 32 states of Mexico allow the difference of sex, although only for those over 18 years of age. In the Federal District, it is approved from the age of 12.

Certain individuals make you feel that "you are in an unacceptable body", says Amelia, for whom what is really at the root is "an off-base society".

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México abre la primera clínica para personas trans
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