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Catastrophic event that occurred at the Travis Scott concert

Mariana Romero
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Catastrophic event that occurred at the Travis Scott concert
Travis Scott

A group began to push onto the stage during the artist's show at the Astroworld celebration, according to spectators and witnesses.

The event leaves more than 200 people injured, the media report that more than 1500 people sneaked in to enter, which caused the saturation of the place, since it was not very big and there were more people than agreed.

The singer's show ended Friday night in disgrace. Eight individuals died, and another 200 people were seriously injured while the singer Travis Scott, a 29-year-old rapper, was in front of his fans in the middle of the Astroworld live concert, which he plans, in the first of his two days. Around 50,000 people with tickets purchased.

The concert was around 9:15 pm at the NRG Park sports and leisure complex in the city of Houston (southern United States) to see Scott's great concert, when the catastrophic lethal event occurred, according to the media.

Samuel Peña, the city's fire chief, said in a public interview the death of eight people, between 14 and 27 years old. The leader of the show (Travis) has composed this Saturday around the early hours of the afternoon on his Twitter account that he is "totally destroyed" and that he does not stop thinking about "supporting the impacted families."

According to statements collected by the US media, the avalanche of people began when a group of attendees began to push to approach the stage. " That immediately turned into hell," 17-year-old Nick Johnson told The New York Times on Saturday morning.

Peña explained to the press that the reasons for the misfortune are still being analyzed. The fire chief described a human tide that began to "pack into place."

That created frenzy and battle situations. Likewise, primary injuries. The zenith images taken by the cameras introduced in the walled enclosure show in those minutes an extraordinary police action and the local group of firefighters.

Coordinators stopped the show when clearly one group had been damaged, according to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner. Finner further said that it is too early to find out what caused the flood of people and called for persistence until the examination is successful.

Statements collected by some media detailed that the rapper interfered in his exhibition at some events when he saw the risk run by a part of the fans who were closer to the stage.

These equivalent observers ensured that the artist went so far as to ask the security group to make sure that some of them, who had evidently fainted, were okay. Some ambulances had to fight their way through the group during the show.

In a video released Saturday, the artist can be seen lecturing the group as crisis administrations minded their business. "All of us are going to find out what's going on here!" Shouts Scott in the recording, who, after interfering with the presentation, takes it up again to ask the crowd to "shake the ground."

The Washington Post, in the meantime, referred in an article about the disgrace to the rapper's "background as an entertainer", which incorporates a record for "instigating a ruckus" on show in 2018 in Arkansas. Then at that moment, he confessed.

Brought into the world in a Houston suburb, whose early hip-boom boom is considered a successor, Scott has been a star essentially from his high school years, when he began making his music.

Unequivocally differentiated by its opiate rap style and the use of the autotune, a tuning device that over the last decade has become an instrument in its own right.

His fan base, which broadens the army of his devotees in informal organizations (11.3 million on Twitter and 43 million on Instagram), is largely made up of youth and children. Among those injured were, according to specialists, 10-year-olds.

In 2018, Scott delivered his latest collection, called, definitely Astroworld, and set up the celebration that has now become unfortunately known, at the site of the eponymous gathering of events that he regularly visited as a child and which was wiped out in 2006.

Yet another taste of his association with his old neighborhood hit newsstands Friday when the front page of the nearby newspaper, The Houston Cronichle, featured a full-page advertisement for his show.

With a largely hip-bounce-dependent montage and a few sand-rock introductions and Latin rhythms, Astroworld was praising its third release this weekend, after the 2020 version was discontinued due to the pandemic.

The production of the eponymous collection, its rise to planetary fame, and the delivery of the celebration were described in the Netflix narration Mira Mom I Can Fly (2019).

Legal consequences

Many people have registered lawsuits against the coordinators of the show of rapper Travis Scott in Texas, United States, in which eight people died and hundreds of spectators were injured. At this time, specialists are exploring the reasons for what happened.

Catastrophic event that occurred at the Travis Scott concert
Travis Scott

This November 8, specialists released the count of the fatalities of the show of rapper Travis Scott last weekend during the Astroworld Festival. The eight deceased were young people between 14 and 27 years old.

The Reuters news organization reports a sum of 35 individuals who as of now have documented objections against the coordinators, which also include the entertainment organization Live Nation, the advertiser of the Scoremore show, and the guest Drake and others included.

Accused of Negligence

According to the complaints, "the defendants neglected the organization and direction of the show in a very irresponsible manner." The claims blame Live Nation for being negligent in failing to enforce wellness conventions, failing to provide satisfactory security, and failing to maintain sufficient crowd control.

One of the claims, registered in Harris County (Texas) in favor of Wasem Abulawi, one of the injured parties, states that "the coordinators of the celebrations carried out and excused conditions that caused some charges and group pressure that caused the appalling death of eight people ". His delegate claims that Abulawi is "genuinely and forever harmed."

Another grievance, this time in the interest of Manuel Souza, alleges that the coordinators "deliberately ignored the scandalous dangers of mischief for those attending the concert and, on occasions, effectively enabled and encouraged dangerous behavior. Their serious carelessness caused real injuries to the offended party." Which claims damages worth $1,000,000.

In a statement given this Monday, November 8, Live Nation guaranteed that it had met with the competent specialists and that it had delivered all the video images of the show. In addition, he revealed that he had offered discounts to attendees, as well as monetary aid to the people in question.

Travis Scott said Monday that he would bear the costs of funeral services for the families of the deceased.

Will they be able to attend to the legal accusations?

The Texas penal code states that careless conduct that causes someone's death is viewed as compulsory murder.

According to CJ Dough puncher, a Texas injury legal advisor cited by Reuters, the show's coordinators and advertisers, who were primarily responsible for the well-being of the occasion, will likely be faced with the results.

However, Baker asserts that for this to occur, the offended parties must show that the litigants knew or should have been aware of the moves they needed to take to prevent such misfortune.

The option to document the criminal charges could depend on whether Scott or the coordinators stepped in to stop the show once they realized there were people injured or dead, Baker said.

Rapper Travis Scott, scheduled to perform during the Astroworld festival at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas in 2019, has been sued after eight individuals were killed in a car accident while performing at the celebration on November 5, 2021.

As for him, Richard Mithoff, an individual physical affair legal counsel in Houston, let a similar office know that "both Live Nation and Scott would almost certainly argue that the flooding was abrupt and unforeseen." However, he stressed that "Scott's set of experiences could help the offended parties with the construction of a serious oversight."