Northern Ireland legalizes abortion and same-sex marriage

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From now on, abortion and same-sex marriage have been decriminalized in Northern Ireland. A historic vote in the UK Parliament established the legislation in July.

The Northern Ireland government had until October 21 to block it, but allowed the deadline to pass. This movement towards better reproductive rights and equality aligns Northern Ireland with the laws of the rest of the UK.

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Of course, some pro-life advocates claimed that the government's lack of leadership in trying to stop abortion was absurd. Northern Ireland is compliant with the law and must initiate a process of coupling and improvement of health systems.

The legislation requires that local, free and legal abortion services be available to women and girls from March 2020. For now, women seeking abortion will continue to travel to other parts of the UK for abortions, with financial support from North Ireland.

When the law takes effect, people seeking an abortion will not be prosecuted, and neither will healthcare professionals who help terminate a pregnancy.

Marriage equality will be fully legal in Northern Ireland from January 2020, and same-sex couples will be able to walk together free from February 14, 2020.

It is a cultural advance in Northern Ireland, although many still dislike the idea of abortion being funded by the government. Some opposition parties claimed that equal marriage was the smokescreen to approve abortion.