Plácido Domingo accused of sexual misconduct by 11 women

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Placido Domingo was recently sued by 11 women who accuse him of sexual misconduct. So far there is no talk of rape or sexual abuse, but the women accuse him of alleged verbal harassment and inappropriate touching.

The defense of Plácido Domingo argues that the accusations made against the Opera singer are inconsistent and, furthermore, are inconsistent in dates and times. For the defense, what these women seek is to take advantage of the moment to denounce events that have no basis.

Plácido Domingo accused of sexual misconduct by 11 women – News – WebMediums

Plácido Domingo is denounced by 11 women

An example of these accusations is Angela Turner Wilson, who assures that Plácido Domingo touched her breasts in a period between 1999 and 2000. According to the woman, the touching was not gentle, it was abrupt and hurtful to her morals.

The lawyers assure that it is a real witch hunt. They ensure that they will begin to receive new complaints from people who do not adequately clarify the facts and in many ways they are incorrect statements. However, the lawyers said that since it is an ongoing investigation, they cannot give details, but that they will prove the innocence of Plácido Domingo.

The singer himself assures that the accusations come 30 years later, that he does not know most of the people who accuse him and are inaccurate in terms of dates. In the case of the woman who accuses him of touching her breasts, she says that it was once in a period of one year, which is it being a very traumatic experience should at least know the exact date of what happened.

The Opera has policies and a human resources team at each location. Of course, there are several investigative currents of what could have happened, but to date and with the investigation underway, no possible culprits have been found.

Plácido Domingo accused of sexual misconduct by 11 women – News – WebMediums