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Queen Elizabeth II is considered unworthy of receiving the "Old Woman of the Year" award

Darwin Nexans
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In a very polite way, the 95-year-old monarch told the British magazine Oldie that she does not think she is worthy of the award because "you are as old as you feel"

Queen Elizabeth II is considered unworthy of receiving the "Old Woman of the Year" award

There are those who say that age is just a number, and that it has nothing to do with being young or old; and this seems to be part of the philosophy of life of Queen Elizabeth II, who rejected the "Old Woman of the Year" award given by the British magazine Oldie.

The 95-year-old queen, upon being notified of the award, rejected it through a letter she sent to the media, with her personal secretary, Tom Laing-Baker.

In the letter, the longest-lived monarch emphasizes that "one is as old as he feels" and adds that he does not believe he meets the relevant criteria to be worthy of this award.

The magazine decided to share through a publication on its web portal, Queen Elizabeth's response, where they explain that with the award, they intended to mainly recognize her leadership during the pandemic, in addition to the fact that in 2022 the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, when the sovereign turns 70 years of reign.

"Look for a more worthy recipient"

According to Gyles Brandreth, president of the awards, on July 30 they sent a letter to the queen's private secretary, asking if the monarch would receive the award.

The answer, in addition to being negative, in a very warm way, Brandreth refers, Elizabeth II wishes that they could find a "more worthy recipient."

Given this response, Brandreth described the sovereign's decision as "charming", and asserts that he does not lose hope that in the future they will be able to ask the queen if she wishes to receive this award, with which they hope to honor her.

The "Oldie of the Year" award, as it is known in English, already has 29 years of celebration, recognizing the merits of older people, who have stood out throughout their lives, such as actress Olivia de Havilland and artist David Hockney, to name a few.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the queen's husband, who passed away on April 9, also received the award in 2011.

When he was awarded, in a humorous tone, he said: "There is nothing better for morale than remembering that the years go by faster and faster and that the parts of an old body begin to fall off. But it is nice to be remembered." By then, the prince was 90 years old.

They suggest you rest

Queen Elizabeth II is considered unworthy of receiving the "Old Woman of the Year" award

The Vanity Fair media, was able to consult sources close to the queen, who have told her that the monarch's doctors have advised her to avoid alcohol, so they have suggested that she leave her usual Evening Martini, this so that she can be in good health in the fall, when you will have many commitments, including the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

The queen intended to visit Northern Ireland, where she had a series of commitments, however, due to the medical indication, she decided to cancel the trip.

In the statement, it is assured that "His Majesty is in a good mood and disappointed" for not being able to make the visit.

Media have pointed out that on October 12, at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey, the queen was walking with the help of a cane. This was also seen in 2013, when she underwent surgery on one knee.

Life of queen

Queen Elizabeth II is considered unworthy of receiving the "Old Woman of the Year" award

Many have been the memes that have emerged in recent months about the long life of Queen Elizabeth, however, her longevity is due to the fact that this 95-year-old woman leads a fairly healthy life routine.

This is explained by the expert on monarchies, Bryan Kozlowski in his book "Long live the queen: 23 rules to live as the longest reigning monarch", where he details, among other things, that the Sovereign walks almost daily, what allows you to exercise in addition to your horseback riding.

Similarly, the queen avoids the sun at all costs, using simple makeup and inexpensive creams.

When it comes to food, Queen Elizabeth II, according to the author, prefers simple meals, as well as small portions of cake. In addition, among his favorite combinations, tea with sandwiches and buns stands out.

It is likely that the decision to consume small portions of food is basically due to your experience during World War II.

On the other hand, it is known to all that the queen drinks gin, champagne and Martini.

All this was corroborated by the Buckingham cook, Darren McGradi, who in 2017 gave an interview to Vanity Fair magazine, where he revealed that the monarch drank 4 alcoholic drinks a day.