Rapper Tay-K is convicted of murder and may face 99 years in prison

 Jender Milano
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A Texas court determined the rapper's guilt in the case of a homicide perpetrated in 2016, where Tay-K along with several people entered Ethan Walker's house, the 21-year-old jovn Walker was shot dead during the robbery at home.

Rapper Tay-K is convicted of murder and may face 99 years in prison

Tay K, whose given name is Taymor McIntyre he already had a measure of domiciliary arrest while his trial was taking place, for this reason and considering that there was a high probability that he would try to escape, a monitor was placed on one of his feet. The boy managed to cut the monitor and fled, committing new crimes in his escape and uploading a video that went viral immediately.

The Race, the video of the escape of Tay-K

Being a well-known rapper and with the accusation for the murder of Walker, in full flight Tay-K uploaded a video called The Race. In this video always appears with a gun in his hand and comes to pose in it with a sign where it appears requested by the US authorities.

In a short time, the video The Race obtained more than 170 million visits, something that would have favored the race of the rapper of not being because he really fled for having killed someone. Apart from the murder of Walker, Tay-K faces two serious cases that can still add years to his sentence:

In April 2017 and in full flight, the rapper assaulted a photographer named Anthony Saldivar. At the time of the assault to remove his equipment, Tay-K opted to shoot the man, killing him on the spot, for this case the photographer's mother demands justice and has witnesses to the fact.

In May of the same year the singer hit a 65-year-old elder named Owney Pepe in front of his wife Barbara, according to the story of the lady, Tay-K intercepted them while they walked through the park and to rob them, brutally hit his husband who ended up with several broken bones and cerebral bleeding, dying shortly after.