Relatives of José José manage to postpone his cremation

 Jender Milano
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The information comes from one of the singer's sons, more specifically José Joel, who has declared to the media that together with his sister and with the advice of his lawyers, they have managed to stop the cremation or at least postpone it for about 48 hours, approximately.

Relatives of José José manage to postpone his cremation – News – WebMediums
Since the moment of his death, José José has received several tributes

The division of the ashes caused differences between the singer's relatives

The reason why they all chose to temporarily paralyze the cremation have been differences regarding the destination of the artist's ashes. On the one hand, there are his children in Mexico, who want him to stay in his homeland and had already arranged to do so, on the other hand, however, there are the daughter and partner in Miami, who have insisted on the value that this city had for the singer.

In the end, the decision of the singer was imposed, who in life always considered his native country important, because it is the place where his career began, so many historical moments, his first concerts and his friends since childhood, but also in Miami it happened part important of his history, especially that corresponding to his fight and triumph against addiction, rehabilitation and meeting and living with what would be his last stable partner, with whom he had a daughter.

The Solomonic decision then has been to divide the ashes and send half to Miami and half to Mexico, since in both places they have already paid tributes to the singer and in both he is well known.

The consulate waits for the authorization of their relatives

The staff of the Mexican consulate in the US says they are waiting for a final decision from the relatives of José José, this must be accompanied by the authorization to carry out the cremation and the transfer of the ashes according to what apparently has already been agreed.

Even though any of their relatives could authorize such a decision, the antecedent that one part of the family paralyzed something that the other party had already decided, has made the consulate officials patient and prudent, pending a final agreement that Save later problems, not only because of the paperwork, but also because of the tranquility that the artist's remains deserve and the information so that your followers know exactly where their remains will rest.

Relatives of José José manage to postpone his cremation – News – WebMediums

The prince of the song, José José, died just over a week ago and although the process for the cremation and transfer of his remains would take a few hours, according to information from the consulate, the differences between his relatives led to the current delay.