Return of the Taliban in Afghanistan

Repression to women and child.

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Return of the Taliban in Afghanistan – News – WebMediums

The town of Afghanistan is happening fears, drop out and others many problems by the instability that live.

The Taliban August 15 seized the control of Kabul after 20 years, with which they returned to recover the control after so many years of longing Taliban for the control of their country.

With the conquest of the capital Afghan, the evacuation of civilians who already feared for a new Taliban Government it turned in the priority of the great international powers deployed from the country one of them Spain. For that reason more than 120,000 people are being evacuated from Kabul, most evacuees are Afghans who are collaborators with another country and their families, since whose life was dangerous, since other citizens have been trapped after the withdrawal of the United States on August 30, which had been controlling access to the Airport of Afghan capital, the only safe and possible output of the country.

The Aerodrome it became the meeting point of thousands of Afghans who arrived from all regions to try to escape, many countries advanced their withdrawal from Afghanistan after the attempt on the airport from Kabul saying it was the 27 from August, that let to atleast 183 fatalities and 120 wounded.

With the withdrawal of the large international powers, the Taliban have taken over and have control throughout the country, since the United States and the EU ensure that they will continue working to get necessary humanitarian aid.

Taliban repress protest from women to blow forces.

Afghan women have continued to express themselves for demanding their rights despite the country's physical punishments and detentions, all protesters have come to the street in different cities of Afghanistan for their rights.

The new protests in Afghanistan arrive after the Taliban officially announced a new government.

Return of the Taliban in Afghanistan – News – WebMediums