Roger Waters of Pink Floyd accuses Twitter for closing account in defense of Assange: Twitter, you are an arm of the police thought

 Jender Milano
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The case of Assange has caused a stir in the world for being a man who with Wikileaks seemed to be fighting to reveal the darkest secrets that world powers kept out of sight of the world. For this reason the censorship against the movements or accounts in their support, have double repercussion, is the censorship against accounts in support of the one who challenged the world censorship.

In this case it has been Roger Waters, the well-known leader of Pink Floyd who has reacted. Waters is known for defending global causes such as the struggle of the Palestinian people against the invasion of their lands and armed actions against them, the people of Yemen constantly bombarded by Saudi Arabia and the defense of the Venezuelan government against what it considers US harassment.

Twitter, you are the Big Brother, now we know for sure, we always suspect it. You are an arm of the thought police. You are an arm of the forces of oppression. You want to suppress freedom of speech, journalism, freedom of anything, probably, expresses the famous singer in a video that circulated in their networks.
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd accuses Twitter for closing account in defense of Assange: Twitter,...
Referential image illustrating the "Thinking Police "from 1984

1984 reloaded

The reference of Roger Waters corresponds to the book 1984, a book that points to a kind of great dictatorship, in which a higher than ordinary entity, known as The Big Brother (the image brings the memory of Uncle Sam's posters) monitors not only the movements of people, but their thoughts through the thought police

Through mechanisms by which even indoctrinated minors silently rat out their parents, this system introduced in 1984 makes people believe that it really controls people's thoughts, hence the singer of Pink Floyd points to Twitter in such a way.

To the complaints of Roger Waters joins the mother of Assange, Christine Assange, who along with several groups and other personalities ask not only the replenishment of the account, that with little more than 10,000 followers was not exactly a gigantic account, but that they stop pressing and coercing those who defend the innocence of their son.

Uncertain destination for Assange

Beyond the claims of Waters, the mother of Assange or their defenders in the world, the truth is that their fate today is uncertain, between Ecuador and England has gone from being a political asylee, to being a prisoner, detained in a country waiting to be deported to the US, which is asking for serious charges with showing, among other secrets, videos of the intentional attacks by US military personnel on civilians in Iraq who left massacres in their wake.

Waters has foundations to support causes that are constantly supporting networks and their appearances, beyond a public position, the singer usually goes low profile on these issues and only raises his voice at times considered emergency to defend the movements, personalities or countries that it supports.