Sentenced to death man who murdered his 5 children

Jesús Tremont
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Timothy Jones Jr. would have driven through the United States for 9 days with the bodies of his children in the trunk of his car, until he threw them into a clandestine road in Alabama.

Sentenced to death man who murdered his 5 children – News – WebMediums
Inexpressive, that's how Timothy Jones Jr. showed himself while he was sentenced to death.

With an eerie calm the final verdict was received by Timothy Jones, sentenced to death for murdering his 5 children in the month of August 2014. The children were between the ages of 1 and 8.

“The only thing they have to consider giving him the death penalty is to understand that this man killed his 5 children, put them in trash bags and threw them on a dirt road, said Rock Hubbard, one of the prosecutors involved in the case. “They should show clemency to a family that has seen too much death, they still love Jones and do not want to lose him, it does not matter who is behind bars”, said a Jones lawyer to avoid the death penalty.

His wife did not want the death penalty for the

It sounds impossible but the mother of the children asked the prosecutors not to give the death penalty to the murderer of their five children. His father, his grandmother and his relatives also asked for clemency for the murderer, but this was in vain. Amber Kyzer was married for 8 years with Jones, at the time of divorce in 2012 the custody of their children was divided between the two but Amber because she could not support her children, she trusted her ex-husband.

The day of the murder

Amber called her children as she used to do every week, but this time something caught her attention. “We heard cries and tears, as well as gasps” amber said, then the call was cut abruptly. “I kept calling but I did not get an answer” said Amber, who would later learn of the murder of her 5 children. Timothy Jones Jr. becomes the second person sentenced to death in South Carolina for 5 years. The last one executed was in 2011.

Sentenced to death man who murdered his 5 children – News – WebMediums
Taken from Law & amp; Crime. The five children killed.
“This man has been a selfish all his life, tried to break his father's second marriage since he did not get all the attention he wanted and controlled every aspect of his partner's life for 8 years, said prosecutor Hubbard.

How it happened

“Jones would have killed his 6-year-old son Natahn, after he told his mother on the phone that he had broken an appliance” says Hubbard, then went to buy cigarettes with his eldest daughter while keeping his others locked up 3 children with the body of their brother.

Jones confessed that he strangled his 7-year-old son Elias and that he then began to persecute his daughter Merah (who had realized what was happening) before strangulating her. Then he used a belt to strangle the two little Gabriel and Abigail of 2 and 3 years old. He said that his hands were very large and that's why he wore a belt.

And you?, to have the power to decide what would you have done with it ?, Death penalty or life imprisonment ?