Shameful fight on the beaches of Barcelona

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Bathers on the beaches of Barcelona end up in embarrassing fights, in which apparently these painful incidents occur daily. Even in the midst of bathers, the men participating in the palea apparently start by claiming money.

Shameful fight on the beaches of Barcelona – News – WebMediums

The residents of the area denounce that this is every day's bread, and that every day they see themselves in the middle of tension after seeing violent cases like these occur.

This fight was announced after being shared a video in the Verneda Denuncia profile. Where you can see a group of men clinging to each other in the eyes of bathers who were in the area. One of them attacks another with what is apparently a metal bar.

This area has been a point for fights between visiting tourists and local residents for years. Further, every day you increase the cases of intolerance and thefts, street parties and street vendors. And what is worse is that these cases still occur in the eyes of the Urban Police and the Mossos.