Sharks attack in the Bahamas

Woman tries to save her daughter and only recovers a part of her body

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Kami Lindsey American, risked his life last Wednesday to try to save the life of his 21-year-old daughter, after seeing that was harassed by three sharks.

Sharks attack in the Bahamas – News – WebMediums

The animals attacked her, but they could not devour her completely; the attack occurred while mother and daughter dived in the islands of Rose (Bahamas) the sharks caused mortal wounds to the young woman.

The mother of the girl, was a few meters from her daughter when the attack occurred, she saw how these animals surrounded her daughter and attacked her. Affirms the father of the young woman who “Everything happened too fast and nobody shouted anything”. His wife only managed to take the body of his daughter and take him to the edge of the beach.

Sharks attack in the Bahamas – News – WebMediums

The young woman, who is called Jordán loses her right arm and had bites on her legs and tail, due to this she lost a lot of blood and after arriving at the medical center she lost her life in the hospital in Nassau, capital of the Caribbean country.

Bathers who were in the scene of the events, affirm that the scene was truly terrible. This is said by a tourist who manages to photograph the attacking sharks.

Apparently this is the first recorded death from shark attacks in the last 10 years in the Bahamas.

His family to repatriate the body of the young woman created a GoFundMe page to raise $25,000 and thus afford the cost of moving a lover of living beings and activist for climate change.

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