Spain does not suspend the decision to extradite former Venezuelan General “Chicken Carvajal” To USA

Ruth Chacon
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Hugo Armando Carvajal Barrios, political military retirement from Venezuela, known for its highest grade of Bolivarian Army of Venezuela and was promoted as a deputy at the National Assembly 2016-2021.

A few days ago after being arrested in Madrid after being two years pursued politician, the defense of the General presented before the Court certain caution measures in order to suspend the Agreement of extradition of the national audience.

For the delivery to the United States, it is claimed by any crime of drug trafficking, money laundering and collaboration with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to introduce drugs in US territory.

According to the court for this request, no new arguments are alleged with respect to the precautionary suspension given by 2020, which was rejected by the Chamber in May of that same year.

"The chicken" Return to the prison of Hermara

On the other hand, his attorney María de Dolores Arguelles, explained to the press that his defendant will be willing to reach an agreement with justice or allow being prosecuted outside of United States.

While it is true, that the precautionary measure can be requested in any procedure, however, by a logic when being rejected a first request this forces to resume new arguments, requirements that are embodied in the article 132.2° The procedural law.

What plan would Carvajal be looking for?

The Penalist Lawyer and Exfiscal of the Venezuelan Public Ministry, Zair Mundaray, Carvajal Defense is applying a strategy to achieve some “Important expectations” For Spanish justice and thus be able to defer the possibility of being sent to the US. UU, country that is requesting it internationally.

The Court sustains, that this defense would not have “no sustenance”, since the collaboration mechanisms are already established and do not allow a extraditionFrom this trap to try to lengthen the process.

In this way, the lawyer remembers that the fact that it was the Head of Intelligence of Chávez is accused of alleged criminal activities, and it is not a political activity, for this reason he says that "is Absolutely successful not to grant the asylum and that must respond to the courts of justice

Will the extradition be extradition to Carvajal?

According to the national audience, given the extradition of carvajal a few years ago it indicates that “if the order is fulfilled, International Legal will not be a way to avoid it”.

However, according to the Spanish press Carvajal resorts to the refusal of asylum by the ministry directed by Fernando Grande -marlaska, something he considers that it is not viable this would cause a great obstacle to send the exject of intelligence of Venezuela to the United States.

Jurist calculating the extradition that is likely, but not certain, this will depend on several legal factors and executives, they are tools that the defense would use to delay the process.

In the event that extradition remains ahead in the United States, it could face a perpetual chain penalty, since most people who are linked to the drug trafficking end up in negotiation with the prosecutor's office And if I change to give important information they request discount reduction.

“Important information”

For the Venezuelan lawyer and analyst international policies, Giulio Cellini, considers that, Madrid declares that the “Chicken”Carvajal It is no political pursuit, since the Venezuelan government considers a traitor to the Venezuelan Homeland.

According to the lawyer affirms that he does not believe that the Venezuelan government is interested in capturing the “Chicken” Carvajal for reasons Policies. He is pursued because he considers himself for government that he betrayed the Revolution when he decided to go abroad to reveal confidential information that the government should be revealed.

It is presumed that being extradited to the United States, Carvajal would share “Valuable information” About the Government of Maduro, Something out of opinion It publishes and it would be a medium and long-term impact.

As this fact we could mention what happened with Cercliver Alcalá(military retired Venezuelan detained and sent to the United States), which shared valuable information for American justice.

How could I impact in case the extradition occurs to the Government of Venezuela?

With the United States behind these two federal courts - a Miami and the other in New York - are waiting for the extradition of two citizens linked to the Government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela:Alex Saab and Hugo Carvajal “Chicken” Carvajal.

For both parties, they have managed to postpone the process, using legal tools such as requesting asylum in Spain for Hugo Carvajal and including Alex Saab which is part of the political dialogue on Venezuela with Headquarters in Mexico, for the Government of Maduro Saab is recognized as Representative Diplomatic in Venezuela.

The defense of the entrepreneur believes that this may adverse negatively on the development of dialogue and one way or another impact on both cases of litigation directly on the bases of miraflores.

Each player wants to move his chips

According to United States, Hugo Carvajal is accused of narcoterrorism of importing cocaine in the United States, while Alex Saab, is accused of asset washing, which both cases are directly related to the Government of Nicolás Maduro.

The President of the National Assembly in Venezuela Jorge Rodríguez, announced this week the participation of Saab in Mexico and informed that the Venezuelan diplomat will be included as a full delegate, to exert functions before The Table Social.

In the case of Alex Saab, beyond his trial at the Court of Mexico, his case has a political purpose, since the Government of Mature recognizes it and defends it as a diplomatic Venezuelan.

The defense can also try to argue that this is really a crime.

The carvajal and mature links have been clear in a letter written by the entrepreneur Bruce Zagaris, lawyer in International Law to the Voice America.

The defense can argue that this is a crime because they are violating the human human rights, I assure that I will never betray mature and tilda of “Incoherent” The recent and definitive fault judicial against him.

Finally, you have to see if the magistrate considers that the revelations of Carvajal are as significant as to reopen some cause or start a new one, which could affect the rhythm of the process of extradition.


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