The cons of using social networks "Facebook"

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Nothing is private is a recent documentary that came out to Netflix screens, to publicize the problems of the use of social networks and how information is leaked indiscriminately for the benefit of very important entities.

The cons of using social networks "Facebook" – News – WebMediums

Although many believe that the possibility of being watched through our social networks is very remote, the truth is that it is a reality of the 21st century and how each publication is used for political purposes.

Facebook is the most used platform in recent years, and there are approximately 2.3 billion people who use it daily. This is undoubtedly a fact, because if they watch us, people publish photos, likes, opinions and likes on the platform, allowing an analysis of each person who uses it.

Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer directors of the series contacted an employee of Cambridge Analytica, an agency that filtered data from many Facebook users for political purposes, which not only benefited Donald Trump and the referendum that supported leaving the union European.

This benefit was not given directly but as a manipulation work through it to lead people who are somehow indecisive in making a decision.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is part of this film and in appearance in the shot it is shown when he had to testify for allowing the leakage of user data and how he lied. The Cambridge Analytica company had to close after the scandal.

The cons of using social networks "Facebook" – News – WebMediums
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Los contras del uso de las redes sociales “Facebook”
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