The crisis expands in the United Kingdom and reaches the trickster

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The Carnica Industry of the United Kingdom on the verge of failure

Due to the gasoline crisis, other economic sectors of London have been affected, one of the most affected so far are meat products, so the British Government Study the possibility of granting emergency visas to foreigners, in this case to butchers.

Therefore, the Government proposes to grant around 1,000 emergency visas to the butchers, this as a desperate measure to combat a shortage of professionals in the country that is placing uphill the offer ofTurkey, Hams and other products typical of the Christmas season.

All this situation has been increasing the panic in the UK before a Christmas that is already close and without the most necessary supplies for it.

It should be noted that a large part of the executive is doing everything necessary in order to meet the demands of the meat sector, but this opposes the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, who says that all this is a tactic Long-term to introduce the freedom of workers' movements from which the UK was already released at the time of announcing its withdrawal of the European Union.

Until now, the British government does not have a good time, it has been seriously affected from its exit from the EU.

In the case of the British Association of Meat Processors, ensure that there is currently a deficit of 15,000 butchers to work mainly in the processors, What allows only active professionals to dedicate themselves to supply supermarkets with basic meat cuts, while the most elaborate Christmas products can not be processed.

The scarcity of personnel The main responsible for the crisis

The lack of personnel the great responsible for the crisis

Very few countries suffer this type of crisis, usually in Europe, but now it looks much more accentuated in the United Kingdom, where the lack of workmanship has delayed the gasoline supply seriously affecting the Food transport and other products needed, as now the lack of personnel to work in companies of meat, so it is impossible for them to cover the demand of the population with little workforce.

According to all this, a 'Strong spokesman>Ministry of Environment, Food and rural affairs has declared the British Agency PA that the Government recognizes what Important that it is temporary work, so they are aware of the problem that crosses the porcine sector by the pandemic and the shortage of labor.

Likewise, he has assured the government spokesman who is working with these sectors to be able to confront the situation and prevent him from getting out of his hands.

“It is important to follow up on a market, for this we continue working closely with the porcine sector and processing in order to look for alternatives that allow you to solve what the industry suffers”. He added the British government spokesperson.

On the other hand, an indoor spokesman has ensured that for his part what is sought is that employers make long-term investments in the UK work sector and not have to depend on foreign workers to be able to go victorious.

Encourage the people a government option

Hire foreign workers the only viable via

Taking into account all the problems that the UK, the Executive has had to start encouraging all sectors to make employment something more attractive to workers, for this they include racing plans, Salary and investment increases, training offer, among others.

The president of the National Pork Association, Rob Mutimer, has mentioned the lack of personnel and has assured that this has worsened much more last weeks, which is why Many pigs have not been able to kill and process, which has made them fatten much and a lack of offense in the meat sector is created.

It should be noted that meat producers do not have the necessary spaces to be able to keep them, which has led to think about having to perform a mass sacrifice of animals, an option that is on the table and that is not discarded Unless there is a rapid response and the necessary labor is achieved to process each of these animals.


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