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The FARC is removed from the terrorist list at the request of Biden

Cesar Romero
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The FARC is removed from the terrorist list at the request of Biden
Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces

The government chaired by Joe Biden has chosen to remove the Colombian FARC guerrilla from the list of international terrorist organizations.

As a sign of support for the fragile peace treaty that was promoted by Juan Manuel Santos and endorsed in 2016, which has been boycotted by Uribism and the current president of the country, Iván Duque.

That agreement was negotiated by the Barack Obama administration, where Biden was vice president, and ended an armed struggle that lasted more than 50 years. Iván Duque's campaign claimed that he was going to annul the Santos government's treaties against the guerrillas.

In Washington, the Democrats take this decision as a form of recognition that the FARC has become a political umbrella, called the Communes Party, despite the fact that there are dissidents who are still linked to drug trafficking.

The FARC dissidents pole is led by Iván Márquez, who is also known as La Segunda Marquetalia.

In 2020 there was a request to the United States by the Colombian government to remove FARC dissidents from the list of criminal organizations.

The Colombian government estimates that there are still around 2,500 soldiers dedicated to drug trafficking and the illicit extraction of goods, such as gold, in the country's jungle and highlands, which represents a real danger to nearby populations.

Groupings off the list

There are 72 groups on the list of terrorist organizations in the United States, such as the Palestinian Hamas, the Islamists of Al-Qaeda or the Basque group ETA.

It is not surprising that there are organizations that abandon the list, as they have done so far 14. One of them, the Peruvians Tupac Amaru or the Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, among others.

Some of these FARC guerrilla leaders reported in August 2019 that they were returning to the armed battle, since they thought that the non-aggression treaty promoted by Santos was being breached, since it left a sum of 260,000 dead and somehow many millions at risk.

Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the agreement.