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The Gorillaz Band will perform a presentation at the Movistar Arena, Colombia

Luis Rafael
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It is worth mentioning that Gorillaz is one of the best known rock bands in the world, and they recently mentioned that they will perform in Colombia. Millions of Colombians are excited by this great news and are waiting for this magnificent rock show.

The famous band stated that the date of the presentation is scheduled for May 12, 2022 and it will be the Movistar Arena in Bogotá. One of the best places to perform concerts of this style.

In addition, they will be celebrating their 20-year musical career under the leadership of Damon Albarn. It was in 2001 when they released their first single, one of the most successful of their entire career "Clint Eastwood", this was the debut of the rock band.

The Gorillaz Band will perform a presentation at the Movistar Arena, Colombia
The Gorillaz Band will perform a presentation at the Movistar Arena, Colombia

Damon celebrates his birthday and announces his return to the Colombian nation in a publication

A few days ago it was Damon's 50th birthday, that same day he made a publication referring to one of the most important memories for him.

In his publication he mentioned that Colombia was one of the most beautiful countries, and he placed a photograph where the band was playing at the Estéreo Picnic 2018.

Many people saw this publication as a countdown that the artist was doing for his next presentation, which will be in Bogotá. Additionally, fans started commenting on his post regarding his comeback.

Certainly the artist's goal was to show that he is going to go with all the energy to Colombia to perform one of the best shows in all history for the celebration of his 20 years as a band.

Gorillaz returns to Colombia after its presentation of Estéreo Picnic 2018

The wonderful band Gorillaz is very excited, since they recently announced that after a couple of years they will be able to meet again with the Colombian public.

The last time Gorillaz had visited the Colombian town was at the Estéreo Picnic 2018 more than 2 years ago.

That night the renowned rock band Gorillaz began to create a strong unconditional bond with the Colombian public. An inclination that can be revalidated on May 12, 2022 at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá with the live remembrance of the 20 years of Gorillaz.

However, for this new presentation they plan to return with new music and lots of energy at the Movistar Arena. At the time this information was published thousands of people demonstrated on social networks and everyone is talking about Gorillaz and his next show.

At first everyone thought that the band was going to make their appearance on the Stereo Picnic in 2022. However, this information was discarded at the time the band list was announced and Gorillaz was nowhere to be found.

How were the beginnings of Gorillaz?

It is important to know that the rock band "Gorillaz" was created in the nineties, since then they began to compose the songs that today are a success. The founders of the band are "Damon Albarn" and "Jamie Hewlett", two excellent artists from the United States.

It should be noted that the band is made up of Russel Hobbs, Murdoc Niccals and Noodle, recognized for being the fictional characters of Gorillaz. They are recognized for their particular style and aim to dominate the industry with the extraordinary tours they do in various countries around the world.

The Gorillaz Band will perform a presentation at the Movistar Arena, Colombia

From what date can I get the concert tickets?

Time passes too quickly and Gorillaz fans have already planned to buy their tickets for the show they will perform on May 12. That is why many people wonder when will be the day they will be able to buy their tickets to be able to secure their entry from now on.

Starting on November 8, 2021, tickets for the wonderful Gorillaz concert will be available at the Movistar Arena. This means that in a couple of days they will be able to buy tickets for this magnificent rock event.

However, not all people will be able to buy tickets freely, since tickets will only be available to people who have payment methods related to the financial entities that are going to sponsor the glorious show of the North American band.

This means that not all people will be able to buy tickets unless they can make the payment with the credit cards requested at the box office.

What other countries will Gorillaz perform in 2020?

Gorillaz will celebrate 20 years since the beginning of his band in the best way of all, for that reason, he will perform in various countries to please his beloved public and enjoy the good style of the rock band.

During the month of July the itinerary will be quite busy, since they will be presented in several countries of the European continent. Among the countries in which they will be presented are: Italy, Spain, Germany and France, possibly over time they will announce in which other countries will appear.

This information was published on the band's official website, it was published a few hours ago and in a short time it has become a trend.

The celebration that the award-winning band has planned is really going to be something impressive never seen before, and the fans are already eager to witness this legendary show.

What does Gorillaz have prepared for his presentation at the Movistar Arena?

The latest they've done is the Meanwhile EP, which is one of the best tributes to London's remarkable Notting Hill Carnival. That in the most natural way for Albarn is a job where "we really go back to the soul of the main album. It's fascinating, and we've really appreciated it".

Twenty years of music, animated rock stars and coordinated efforts that will be able to live with the Gorillaz show on May 12, 2022 at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá.