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The Government of Portugal falls after the left's rejection of Costa's budget

German Centeno
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The Government of Portugal falls after the left's rejection of Costa's budget
Opposition to the left and right knocks down socialist budgets

Portugal is currently experiencing an unprecedented political crisis and a very dark scenario is only being painted for the socialists, who have been seriously affected by the rejection of the General State Budgets by the left and the right.

These votes concluded with 117 votes against and only 108 in favor, which were from the entire socialist band, while they only had five abstentions.

This time, not even the Government of Antonio Costa has been able to save himself, who is focused directly on the precipice, since the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, is going to dissolve Parliament imminently.

This gives no alternative but to call early elections, which can be held at the end of January of the next year.

The goal has been met

The Government of Portugal falls after the left's rejection of Costa's budget
Socialist government falls after rejection of Costa's budgets

Clearly the objective of the leftists was none other than to highlight the fragility of the cabinet, where the political turbulence in this country has been brewing for several months.

This is how the Bloco de Esquerda and the grieving communists can have a dialogue with each other and even worse the situation with the PS. On this occasion, only the Socialists voted in favor, obtaining 108 votes, but against they received 117 and what this socialist government could aspire the most was the abstention of the Animalist Party and two independent deputies.

For the rest, all the other parties such as the conservatives of the PSD, Chega, the Bloco de Esquerda, Liberal Initiative and the CDS, went against them until they achieved their objective, which is to weaken the socialists.

An announced crisis

The Government of Portugal falls after the left's rejection of Costa's budget
Parliament rejects Costa's budgets

It can be said that the announced chronicle of a crisis has come true. The Socialists have been damaged this end of October with these votes, which is the first time in 47 years of democracy since the Carnation Revolution that a party has been defeated in the General Budget.

The socialist government of Portugal only needs eight votes to achieve final approval, but that small distance ended up becoming an impassable barrier.

This is how neither the communists nor the Bloco de Esquerda wanted to avoid the collapse of their former colleagues, who supported them in 2015 and 2019.

On the other hand, the Government of Pedro Sánchez looked at the development of these votes with great concern, and it is that the Socialists of Spain fear that all this will generate a domino effect, with or without budget.

A very careful notice

In Spain there has been great concern about what happened in Lisbon, this is how the Spanish government fears that what has happened could be contagious in Madrid. The great unknown so far is whether the death of the Government of Antonio Costa is certified or not.

For now, the parliamentary debate did not finish clarifying anything, so the spirits remain quite high.

The prime minister was in charge of making it quite clear that, although the rejection of the General State Budget for 2022 is confirmed, that does not mean that the government should resign, but as the Portuguese comment, they have resigned, since they let it fall.

All this situation is spreading to limits that a few weeks ago nobody imagined, this is how the Spanish president knows it and puts his current government on alert.

The Hispano-Lusa summit this Thursday, October 28, will coincide with everything that is happening, which has created a political volcano full of many warnings.

When the conservative Carlos Moedas won the mayor of Lisbon, there was immediately talk of an Ayuso effect, but it may be the case that now this contagion occurs in the other direction.

Finally, we must bear in mind that both the United We Can and the PSOE relations are not at their best, consequently, the PP could take advantage of all this.

Normally, each country has its own political and social peculiarities, but for the moment, the panorama of the elections held in Sao Bento, the seat of the Portuguese Government and the Parliament, are established with great force.