The most alarming cases of millionaires accused of sex crimes

Cristian García
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With the news of the imprisonment of the famous & philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein, everyone is shocked again by the countless accusations about sexual crimes committed by billionaires. Among the best-known names, we can mention celebrities like Woody Allen, Michael Jackson and Harvey Weinstein.

The most alarming cases of millionaires accused of sex crimes
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With the movement Me Too and the worldwide partnership effort to protect the rights of the whole world, more and more victims of famous figures and billionaires who end up declaring, in public, the sexual abuses perpetuated by them.

As is well-known, the most recent of these has been the financial Jeffrey Epstein, who had been accused of cases of sexual abuse and trafficking of minors. The most alarming of the case was that this character had already been denounced for the same, although he ended up acquitted of most of the aggravating charges.

With the whole case of Epstein in the focus of the whole world, it may be necessary to name some similar events that have recently been experienced or that have generated great global impact. This way, we will be able to be more informed about this tragic stage that the world community is experiencing.

Accusations of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein

The most alarming cases of millionaires accused of sex crimes
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In case of Harvey Weinstein it has been an event that caused quite a stir in the Hollywood community and around the world. In this way, an extensive number of female artists and celebrities accused Weinstein to take advantage of them to get them papers in a movie or to prevent their careers from being destroyed.

You have to remember that Harvey Weinstein is a co-founder of companies like Look Max y The Weinstein Company, which is why it has great power among the community of Hollywood, which made him take advantage of the same to attack and abuse his victims.

This was the main case by which, the Hollywood artists, decided to create the movement called Me Too. In the same, it seeks to promote the denunciation and public expression of any type of sexual aggression that can live people, mainly women, who are more vulnerable to these events.

Woody Allen and his recent accusations of sexual abuse

The most alarming cases of millionaires accused of sex crimes
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Woody Allen has been one of the most beloved characters of Hollywood. The films directed by him have been consolidated as the best in the world. Even so, accusations, against him, of sexual abuse declared publicly in mid-2018, they made Allen end up having a low profile.

These accusations were declared by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, who repeatedly claimed that Allen had sexually abused her when she was a girl.

Farrow had been speaking publicly for years about the sexual assault events of his adoptive father towards her, although everything became news echo thanks to the movement Me Too, causing a lot of celebrities to react on this and start generating social awareness.

Michael Jackson and his sexual assaults on children

The most alarming cases of millionaires accused of sex crimes

Michael Jacksonn, well-known as the King of Pop, was one of the greatest celebrities of the twentieth century. His career achieved enormous successes in the music industry and generated great popularity throughout the world. Even so, his personal and professional life began to falter when charges were brought against him for sexual abuse of minors.

The whole event occurred in 1993 when an individual called Evan Chandler accuses Jackson of sexually abusing his 13-year-old son, Jordan. The boy always spent it, without supersión of their parents, in the house of Michael Jackson like other children who were protected and spoiled by Jackson.

The whole case generated global consternation, although, the reality was that jackson was innocent of all kinds of charges. Even so, his reputation was widely spotted coming to be judged and criticized by large numbers of people until his death.

The whole case of Michael Jackson came back to the rub when HBO decided to release a documentary film, in 2018, about the alleged sexual abuse of minors committed by Jackson while he was alive.

This documentary, which is named Leaving Neverland, has the participation of James Safechuck y Wade Robson, individuals who came regularly to Jackson's house, who point out that the King of Pop, I had abused them.

These are just some cases of sexual abuse that have generated great commotion throughout the world. The movement Me Too has helped these have generated even more attention globally, helping the victims to express themselves freely and release all the suffering they were saving for so long.