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"The squid game" arrives in Spain

Games and costumes are prohibited in a Madrid school

German Centeno
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"The squid game" arrives in Spain – News – WebMediums
The Squid Game

Since the launch of the Squid Game miniseries, many countries have denounced the attempt to recreate this game in real life, putting the lives of each of the participants in danger.

This is a fact that has been presented mostly in schools and colleges by teenagers who want to recreate this story.

So much so, that a rumor has come out that some of the world's most millionaire people are gathering to recreate this game exactly the same as in the series, where those who have many millions could donate it to create the scenario and the millionaire prize would you play.

All this has set off alarms around the world, since the main objective of this game is to eliminate the participants (killing them), so you must pay close attention every time a group of people wants to recreate this game in the game. Real life, as a scene of a lot of violence could be created simply by imitating this game.

Spain Receives its first case of "Squid Game" in an educational center in Madrid

"The squid game" arrives in Spain – News – WebMediums
Students from an educational center in Spain are detected practicing the Squid Game

An educational center in San Sebastián de los Reyes sends a circular to all relatives warning of the practice of macabre games based on the series.

The administration of the Infant and Primary school 'Teresa de Calcuta', in San Sebastián de los Reyes, has sent an announcement to the parents of all the students of the school to warn them that some students carry out "attitudes and games" similar to those of the well-known Netflix series The Squid Game.

This message, according to Europa Press, explains that the games that children develop have “a high content of explicit violence” and asks the students' relatives to check what type of content their children are consuming, since the series is not Recommended for children under 16 years of age.

The school has indicated that the minors would be trying to imitate some of the sinister pastimes that occur in the series. Among some games in the series we can find the 'English hideaway', marbles or even a pastime based on sugar cookies. To avoid these practices, the school has decided to ban costumes inspired by the series for Halloween.

Belgium was the first case

"The squid game" arrives in Spain – News – WebMediums
Netflix Series Squid Games

San Sebastián de los Reyes is not the first case. Just a few days ago we learned that the students of some schools in Belgium have also started to recreate the games of the 'Squid Game'. Among them, the famous 'English hideout', but with a modification: whoever loses gets a punch in the face.

And it is that until less than a month ago 'The Squid Game' was a totally unknown drama. Its popularity has been growing these weeks, and it is already the most popular series on the Netflix platform : a total of 111 million users have seen the South Korean plot.

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