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The United States Says It Would Defend Taiwan If China Attacks It

German Centeno
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The United States Says It Would Defend Taiwan If China Attacks It
Joe Biden, President of the USA

US President Joe Biden assured yesterday that the United States would be willing to intervene with its army in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan.

It must be remembered that the Asian leader considers Taiwan as part of his sovereignty.

Also, the president of China has been increasing military pressure on Taiwan in recent months, which is why Biden has spoken out and shown his support.

That was how last night the President of the United States participated in a town hall, a meeting between voters, which was televised on CNN.

During the program, he was asked if he would go to the defense of Taiwan in case they suffer any aggression from China.

To this question, the president answered the following: "Yes, we have a commitment with them."

This has been a statement that reinforces the agreements made in August, when the president compared the United States' agreement with Taiwan, where they made a mutual defense pact with NATO.

The truth is that the Law of Relations with Taiwan, of 1979, establishes the commitment that the United States has to assist Taiwan in maintaining its defensive capacity.

It is a commitment that has been maintained for many years on the involvement of Americans in a supposed conflict that has them in the middle.

Joe Biden claims he would defend the island

The United States Says It Would Defend Taiwan If China Attacks It
Biden offers his support to Taiwan

Joe Biden, on previous occasions, has placed China as the centerpiece of his foreign policy, but has been in charge of certifying that they are ready to help the island in case they are attacked.

This has been the only allusion to foreign policy issues during the appearance, where most of the time he has devoted himself to the abundant open fronts that the Biden house has, when the first anniversary of his victory against him is about to be fulfilled. Former President Donald Trump.

One of the main reasons that led to Biden winning the election and reaching the White House was the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remembering that during his election campaign he promised Americans to change the disastrous course that the management of the pandemic was taking, and with the arrival of vaccines on American soil, Joe Biden had everything in favor.

However, in the United States there is a very large population that is not willing to be vaccinated, so their inability to impose the vaccine or convince these people and added to it the great impact that the Delta variant has had, have diverted a little effort to effectively control the pandemic.

In keeping with this, Joe Biden commented: "Please wait until July to talk about imposing the mandatory vaccine, as I wanted to try all possible options. The mandates are working."

Likewise, the President of the United Statesthe United States has spoken about the vaccination directives for children of 5 and 12 years, which he said will arrive very soon, it will only be a matter of a few weeks and in the same way I assure that vaccines are key to maintaining jobs and the economy in the country.

Socio-economic expenses

The United States Says It Would Defend Taiwan If China Attacks It
Joe Biden talks about the inconveniences he has had in the Senate

Much of the program was focused on attention to its legislative agenda, which has been blocked in Congress due to a failure to reach an agreement with the Republicans and the internal war that exists in there with the Democrats.

That is how he has spoken about his socioeconomic spending plans, this is one of the Pharaonic games of 3.5 billion dollars, to which two moderate Democratic senators refuse. Democrats have a majority in the upper house, so no defection can be allowed.

As an attempt to solve all this, Joe Biden has agreed to lower the requests, eliminate social items and reduce the bill. He has also assured that he is quite optimistic about a possible agreement between the Democrats and detailed some of the reductions that are being considered.

Some of them may be medical or maternity leave that will be only four weeks, instead of the twelve raised from the beginning or the elimination of free two-year university courses. But in order to carry out those budget laws, the US president only needs the approval and support of all Democrats.

However, for most decisions made by the Senate, at least 10 Republican senators are needed. This is due to the filibuster, a legislative mechanism that requires a reinforced majority and that in recent months has not been achieved.

Joe Biden from the beginning has been in favor of the filibuster, since he considers that it is a way for the minority of the Senate to have some power. Despite that, he has been willing to change it on significant issues such as the voting reform.