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They are still without light in La Plata Argentina

Jesús Tremont
5 min read

The population of La Plata in Argentina suffered a blackout last Saturday from which they have not yet recovered.

They are still without light in La Plata Argentina – News – WebMediums
Edelap workers trying to solve the problem.

The outage occurred last Saturday afternoon and today, more than 72 hours later, it still hasn't been solved and there's not much idea how long it will take for the electrical service to go down.

The population of La Plata, as well as the leaders of La Plata, point to Edema as the main culprit of this endless blackout. Edelap is a company that provides electricity and is responsible for supplying electricity to La Plata.

"We cannot allow what the citizens of La Plata are experiencing to continue happening, this problem is the full responsibility of Edelap, it is the company in charge of providing the service," said Julio Garro, mayor of La Plata, who also said that he had prepared a presentation delivered to the Energy Control Agency in the Province of Buenos Aires OCEBA.

For its part, the Energy Control Agency in the Province of Buenos Aires said that there will indeed be sanctions against Edelap. The OCEBA also said that Edelap will have to compensate the citizens affected by the cut.

It is not the only problem that Edelap faces

In addition to the sanctions that this company will receive and the compensation that it must make to citizens for the blackout, it will also receive punishments for old complaints about the unjustified increase in the prices of its services and also complaints about its quality.

Added to all the problems that the company has, is added the "anger" of the Mayor of La Plata, who has been annoyed through several messages on his personal Twitter.

"I am in the area where the problem is, when I ask for explanations, the answer I get is that there are works missing there that were not carried out years ago because they were too expensive," Julio Garro said on the radio.

How to live the blackout in La Plata

The losses in the economy are estimated at more or less 1,000 million Argentine pesos. The most affected are the commercial users, especially those who deal in refrigerated products, who have lost almost all of these products because there is no light to keep them at the temperature they require.

On the other hand, there are the losses of families whose electrical appliance has broken down. It is estimated that of 100% of the affected homes, at least 30% had appliances damaged due to the blackout.

Many schools closed. Due to the obvious, many schools cannot function normally and therefore have decided to remain closed until the problem is solved, thus cutting off the right to study for many children, adolescents and even adults.

An increase in activities such as theft has also been reported. The favorite time of the friends of the alien is at night, and if that night is darker than normal, the better. Many criminals have taken advantage of the blackout to do their thing since at night, in the midst of so much darkness, it is much easier to perpetrate crimes.

On the day the failure occurred (afternoon of June 22), losses of $612,500,000 Argentine pesos are estimated, for day 23 $232,500,000 Argentine pesos and for the third day of failure, $116,250,000 Argentine pesos were estimated. All this together adds up to almost $1,000,000,000 Argentine pesos in losses.

In spite of everything, the electrical power has been restored little by little, the day the blackout occurred there were more than 50,000 affected users, by the second day the number of affected had dropped to 30,000 and today it is in a little more than 15,000 affected. There are still many but at least I know it's solving.

What does Edelap say?

The electric company is in a very difficult situation, we just have to look at their official Twitter and we will immediately notice how worried they are about this problem. They update the situation with tweets almost every hour.

Edelap says that the problem comes from the high voltage underground cable, they report that they are working to fix it and they are also preparing a group of generators to gradually supply all of La Plata again.

The Mayor of La Plata and many of the citizens suggest that this is another case of corruption where funds destined for the maintenance of the infrastructure were diverted and they did not end up doing the necessary works.

When will electric service return?

Edelap says that the electrical service will be returning more or less on Thursday night when they finish repairing the underground wiring that caused the failure.

Is it all Edelap's fault?

The Mayor of La Plata and other Argentine authorities have been in charge of campaigning against Edelap for being the company responsible for this ruling, but are they right?

It is no mystery to anyone that all these companies are monitored by the governments of the nations in which they reside and that such a failure may be due to lack of maintenance, it also indicates that perhaps political corruption is involved.

The campaign against the electricity company is abysmal, everywhere you look they are saying something bad about Edelap, are they trying to divert attention?

I personally believe that this event is also the fault and responsibility of the Argentine government, in what way? I don't know. Perhaps they did not pay the attention they should have paid and visits were not made to Edelap to see how the company was developing. Or perhaps the government itself is involved in this serious failure in some way. It is no mystery to anyone that the Argentine government is a government with a high rate of corruption.