They eliminate law that forced to present to the wife

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They eliminate the law that obliged to present the wife to friends and neighbors, so that it would be received only by acquaintances accepted by the husband. This rule was eliminated by the constitutional court of Colombia, established the requirements to prove the civil status in society.

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That is, for a woman to be accepted as the wife of a man had to be presented to the different friends and neighbors as such. To put this rule in context, when two people sought to prove their relationship, they had to take neighbors and relatives that under oath and with signature and footprint, they will certify that the man had presented them to the woman as his wife.

Although it was a law created 132 years ago, she was recently sued to be removed because she considered it unfair and inappropriate to present the wife as if she were the object of her property. That is, an act of discrimination that threatens the morals of women.

However, at present it was not even being applied and even fulfilling what this law says was useless, since the registry office demands legal and notarized documents and does not bring all the neighbors to witness that if they are partner.

Although up to the time of publication, nobody knew about this norm, on social networks as a "Absurd requirement" that only sought to preserve the stereotypes of subordination to which women were subjected.

By studying the demand, the court proceeded to overturn the rule. but, I assure you that the civil code of 1887 was patriarchal, forcing women and daughters to be led by parents and brothers head of the household. In addition, they were traditionalist laws that were forgotten in time.

However, there was no one who demanded them or the relevant investigation to overthrow them, although they no longer have the civil or political value to apply them. The supreme court recalled that in Colombia is governed by the 1991 constitution and there is no greater power than the same, in addition, I submit a report of more than 11 reports on laws lying down for not protecting the values ​​of women and gender equality.

"The male or female membership must not imply, by itself, a reason to obtain benefits from the law or to be before their norms in inferiority of conditions"

The court ended:

"in current times it makes no sense to maintain a normative distinction that starts from a social prejudice of inferiority and submission of women in marital relationships, since this situation is openly contrary to the provisions of the Constitution".
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