Trump plans to eliminate the right to citizenship by birth

Arachely Perez
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Trump plans to eliminate the right to citizenship by birth – News

Donald Trump aims to eliminate and end the constitutional right of citizenship for babies born in the United States, children of immigrants and people who are not citizens.

He made it very clear in his following argument: «We are the only country in the world where a person comes and has a baby, and the baby is practically a citizen of the United States. It's ridiculous"

The president has made it very clear, in a recent interview in Axios on HBO where it assured that it will sign a presidential decree that will eliminate the right of the citizenship to the children of people who are not American citizens and immigrants who are illegally in the country.

Apparently a while ago I had the intention to do so but had delayed his idea to consult if a constitutional amendment was indispensable and now he will opt for a decree which has not advanced the date of the signature.

The question now is: can you do it?

Some immigrant groups and several legal experts say that this process could end up in the supreme courts, since they question whether the president has the necessary power to execute the decision to withdraw citizenship to babies born in the United States. United States with a presidential decree. The 14th Amendment guarantees this right to all children born in U.S.

They are saying that I can do it only with an executive order, these were his words when asked about the legibility of an executive order of this type.

The magate he added that the attorneys of the White House are reviewing their proposal. Being an executive order, it is not known how quickly it will act.