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Twelve detainees leave a possible coup in France: Kidnapping of Macro and taking of the Élysée

German Centeno
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Twelve detainees leave a possible coup in France: Kidnapping of Macro and taking of the Élysée
Twelve arrested in the attempted coup in France

At least a dozen people from the ultra-right have been involved in the possible coup against the president of France, who have been accused of crimes of terrorism and a project of a coup d'état, for which they will have to be held accountable. French justice.

This is how the French government takes all its precautionary measures after learning about these possible conspiracy acts against his government, where Emmanuel Macron intended to be kidnapped by these terrorist gangs.

However, on this occasion the French justice has decided to intervene and stop this event just in time.

This is how the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI) has been very meticulously reconstructing this project to take over the Élysée palace and the kidnapping or assassination of President Emmanuel Macron, to carry out the coup.

The coup project

This project would have been planned by a 57-year-old equivocal character named Rémy Daillet, who is the father of seven children and was presented by the DGSI, as a disturbing, conspiratorial, fearsome and seductive person, who is involved in several serious crime cases, so he already has a criminal record.

The DGSI acted almost immediately after hearing a series of communications from the alleged leaders of this project, which was called "Operation Blue", whose intention was to carry out a coup d'état and which presented it as: "It is unavoidable that the people end up defeating a genocidal government."

This whole story of the coup began to be perceived as a crazy story and out of context. However, after several weeks of police investigation, the DGSI institute managed to find a dozen or hundreds of people who were working on the coup project, including the military, lawyers, doctors, policemen, among others.

Rémy Daillet

According to all the leaks obtained by the DGSI, Rémy Daillet and his first contact circle would have mounted this project in a very precise way, thus managing to accumulate an arsenal of ammunition such as non-artisanal weapons and explosives and organizing paramilitary units armed with pistols and rifles.

It is estimated that around 300 people have been booked by the state security force, who reside in Paris and other provinces. While some retired military personnel or on leave of absence have begun to distribute the flyers in preparation for the armed struggle for the coup to overthrow Macron.

It is not the first coup attempt uncovered

Twelve detainees leave a possible coup in France: Kidnapping of Macro and taking of the Élysée
Attempted coup against President Emmanuel Macron

It should be noted that this is not the first time that the DGSI has discovered and dismantled a violent far-right group trying to plan an attack against the government, but perhaps it may be the first time that one of these groups has armed a coup project so thoroughly and completely.

This discovery by the DGSI and the indictment of twelve people, who have been suspected of this possible coup attempt and an attempt on the life of President Emmanuel Macron, shows that a minor and insignificant part wants to harm him government by an undemocratic route.

Therefore, the French authorities will increase their security and intelligence fence to detect any possible attack that could threaten the security and well-being of the French people.