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France orders the closure of a mosque in the west of the country for promoting terrorist hatred and jihad

German Centeno
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France orders the closure of a mosque in the west of the country for promoting terrorist hatred...
France closes mosques for promoting hatred and terrorism

The French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmani, has confirmed the closure of the Allones mosque, which is located in the department of La Sarthe, as well as the Coordination against Islamophobia and Racism association, which is located in the Rhone department based in Sainte Foy-Lés-Lyon.

This decision has been taken because of propagating different speeches in defense of Islamic terrorism and hatred. Which is why the French government has made the decision to close them.

Similarly, Minister Darmanin has indicated the closure of seven other mosques or cultural associations before the end of this year. All this in order to continue with the police and judicial fight against Islamist separatism.

Mosques in France

France is a very large country with 67 million inhabitants, and it is currently believed that there are around 2,500 mosques and Muslim places of worship. Where at least a hundred of these enclosures have been objects of police and judicial records, thus subjecting them to a very strict control.

At least 13 of these mosques have been closed in the past two years, while seven have been closed before the end of the year. All this in order to avoid terrorist associations and hatred.

Macron and his denunciations against mosques

France orders the closure of a mosque in the west of the country for promoting terrorist hatred...
France and its constant fight against mosques

French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly denounced Islamic separatism. This is how, in October 2020, the president launched a special legislation that was designed to combat this social gangrene.

However, due to the pandemic and all the problems that the coronavirus caused, this entire fight was delayed for at least a year and a half, so these threats are still there.

This is how all this work to monitor, control and dismantle the outbreaks has been carried out very slowly, although it is expected that this type of activity will accelerate.

The fight against mosques is slowly returning

French Interior Minister Darmanin has expressed that he feels calm and satisfied to see that the judicial and police fight against the spread of hateful and terrorist messages is re-emerging, which are sent from mosques, cultural associations and all the places of these cults.

This is how Darmanin has commented to the media about the latest closures: "The Allones mosque and the association Coordination against racism and Islamophobia, which is based in Sainte Foy-Lés-Lyon, who were promoting speeches and propaganda of practices Radicals of Islam, legitimizing the use of holy war and fomenting hatred against France, have been shut down".

Likewise, the French minister has expressed that the new legislation against Islamic separatism will allow the forces of order to work much more effectively, which is why it is hoped to achieve better results.

The proliferation of these cults, mosques or cultural associations are becoming more common, who are in favor of the strict application of the sharia and that coincide with a kind of civil war between different families of Islam in the country of France.

One such case is that of the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris and other people who are threatened with death by jihad and the preaching of an Islam supporter of terrorism, who accuse them of being hostile.