Unions protest in Buenos Aires against the Macri government

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Again Buenos Aires has been paralyzed as a result of a protest by the unions. The main reason is a salary improvement, while the government plans to give 5,000 Argentine pesos ($100) to private sector workers and support a food emergency project being processed by the opposition.

Unions protest in Buenos Aires against the Macri government – News

Of course, the sectors are divided in many opinions and economic concepts regarding this. For some, 5,000 pesos is a wash of lukewarm water in an economy that increases its inflation every time. Others say that the beneficiaries are not those who right now need to get out of the food crisis, since they are people who do not do any type of work. If this extraordinary bond is approved, the money would be delivered at the end of September or October.

A few weeks ago the Catholic Church aroused international curiosity about the Argentine crisis, when they asked Macri that they needed basic food for the food crisis of the country's poorest populations.

For its part, the opposition assures that it is processing a project so that there is a minimum increase of 50%, about 160 million dollars, to deal with the food crisis. This project has the support of several unions and the government assures that it will not oppose the bill and to avoid a fiscal cost it will reduce the budget of other types of programs.

The government, which according to surveys did not reach the second period, tries to avoid being classified as the government that opposed reducing the conditions of hunger. In addition, it is a project promoted by the Fernández house, so it assumes that the subsidies that the previous government gave to the residents would return.

For now, the Macri government is trying to convince the IMF to disburse the money they had promised, about USD 5,400 million, but this delivery is delayed as a result of Argentina changing its payment policies and the credit bureaus categorized it as a country of possible non-payment or risk of non-compliance with payment.