Venezuela issues its first credit card without Mastercard endorsement

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The state bank of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Banfanb) was in charge of issuing the first credit card without the support of Mastercard, who in previous months announced that it was withdrawing from Venezuela for fear of being sanctioned by the United States.


The economic pressure exerted by the United States has forced any company in that country to withdraw its business from Venezuela. Without this support, Venezuelans were not able to carry out their transactions through cards.

Mastercard offered its services to Banfab and Banco Agricola. However, the operators had to leave the country after Donald Trump froze all of Venezuela's assets in the United States. In addition, it explicitly prohibits doing business or transactions with Venezuela.

As a result, the state bank of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Banfanb) began a process of change and updating of its services. Hours later, the financial institution of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) would ensure that the entire interbank connection was in proper working order.

Although it may seem like a victory for Venezuelans, the money of the Government of Venezuela abroad will continue to be blocked until the regime gives in to pressure from the United States. Since the White House sanctioned Banfab and Bandes, Maduro's administrators assure that the United States' movements are illegal.

However, no country dares to confront Donald Trump, as general tariffs and taxes became the best international weapon of attack.


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