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Vicente Fernández left intensive care to continue "being the king"

Darwin Nexans
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The family of the patriarch of the Fernández dynasty reported in a statement that the 81-year-old interpreter is progressively recovering from the blow he suffered in early August.

Vicente Fernández left intensive care to continue "being the king"

The idol of Mexican music, Vicente Fernández left the intensive care unit this Wednesday, where he was for about two months. The news was spread through a statement from the artist's doctors, signed by his relatives, which was posted on social networks.

According to the document, the 81-year-old Fernández will continue to be admitted to the Guadalajara hospital to continue his treatment, because he still requires intermittent support to breathe.

According to the doctors, the charro's stay in the hospital will allow him to have “a greater interaction and response towards his recovery”, accompanied by his family members.

It should be remembered that Vicente Fernández entered the Guadalajara hospital in August after suffering a blow to the cervicals near the skull, the product of a severe fall.

According to the doctors' report, the injury caused the spinal cord to be affected, in addition to leaving him without movement in his arms and legs.

Vicente Fernández left intensive care to continue "being the king"

Upon arrival at the hospital, he underwent surgery that caused respiratory deterioration, for which they had to connect him to artificial respiration, and completely sedate him to ensure a better recovery.

Progressive recovery

The doctors treating the Mexican have said that he remains "stable, alert and cooperative in rehabilitation therapy" to regain mobility in his arms and legs.

However, they have clarified that the recovery of mobility is "slow, but progressive", while their respiratory effort is weak, so intermittent support is vital in their treatment.

This is not the first time that the interpreter of "El Rey" suffers from health problems, since in 2002 he suffered from prostate cancer, in 2012 a tumor in the liver was removed, in 2013 he lost his voice due to thrombosis, and in 2015 he underwent surgery to remove abdominal hernias.

The foal does not want to see him "like this"

Vicente Fernández left intensive care to continue "being the king"

Although Vicente Fernández's family has been by his side throughout this stage, his son Alejandro Fernández "El Potrillo" has remained somewhat on the sidelines, which has caused strong criticism on social networks.

In recent days, the singer also clarified that the reason why he does not go to the hospital very often to visit his father is because it has not been easy for him to see his father in the state he is in. "It is very difficult, It hurts us all, it costs us a lot of work, "El Potrillo said in an interview.

However, he stressed that he is keeping an eye on his father over the phone, sending him messages, as well as his mother "Doña Cuquita", who recently fell ill with nerves due to Vicente Fernández's situation.