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WhatsApp has launched a new option, so you can join group video calls

Alvaro Salazar
2 min read

The app has reported another option that makes it easier to participate in group video calls.

WhatsApp has launched a new option, so you can join group video calls

Obviously, for a long time WhatsApp allowed us to make video calls with our friends, just by joining our contacts, up to eight members simultaneously.

Be that as it may, up to that point they had a problem: we had to interconnect at the time the video call was organized, or we couldn't join.

So if we did not arrive in time for the meeting before, we totally lost the opportunity to enter.

Currently, WhatsApp has reported another option that will allow us to join a meeting video call regardless of whether it has already started.

The organization characterizes it as an "unlimited way to interact with loved ones."

The extraordinary thing about this component is that now we can start video calls without having all the members; we can start without trusting that everyone will be connected.

This means that we will be able to initiate a call with several members and if there are still participants missing they will be able to enter quietly.

This option is not new, to be clear this was already available on WhatsApp since July.

The new thing is a button, since until recently we had to go to the call's menu to see the ones that were started. Currently, we simply have to enter the meeting, and we will see a button in the upper right corner.

In addition, WhatsApp has additionally changed the tone of group calls, which will allow us to easily remember them only by ear and separate them from others that are closer to being made.